MTT 223 / Crossed Mind

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MTT223 Spectrogram

Electro, techno; Technobass. This mix features new music by Dvidevat, Nulla, and DJ Di'jital as well as a newly remastered track from the excellent label Southern Outpost.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. I-F / Moonbase Next To G. 00:00
  2. CYWU / Spring Space 03:33
  3. H&S / v983.1 07:05
  4. MAS 2008 / Electro Caleidoscope 10:22
  5. dvidevat / PSH 13:20
  6. Adam Jay / Reaction Chamber 16:49
  7. Mat Carter / Solid Gear 20:32
  8. Alex Cortex / Memory Overload 24:35
  9. The Sentinel / Wrong Time 27:40
  10. D.I.E. / Not R Fault 30:40
  11. DJ Di'jital / NWEO Saga 34:07
  12. Aux 88 / My A.U.X. Mind (2005) 36:53
  13. Slade Brothers / Episode 76 40:48
  14. Luke Slater / All Exhale (Rude Solo Remix) 42:37
  15. Agent Patrick & DATA / Night Op 47:03
  16. Turk Turkelton / N.I.T.N.T. 50:04
  17. Andy Düx & Bombing F / Cyber Vision (A. Mix) 53:47
  18. Nulla / Ambinet 57:55

Both track 5 PSH by dvidevat and track 18 Ambinet by Nulla are from the 068/078-1 split on the Slovenian netlabel Kamizdat. Nulla's side is snappy, edgy, and modern; dvidevat's side sounds to me more round, smoother, more like techno. I like this album a lot, I like the variety of it, and it's currently available name-your-price, so give it a listen, check it out.

This selection came together mostly as a reason to play something from the newly remastered Setting The Agenda EP and/or Boogie Down 313 EP on Southern Outpost. One tune from the two made it in, #15 Night Op by Agent Patrick & DATA, but know that both EPs are top quality technobass. Track #9 Wrong Time by The Sentinel is also off Southern Outpost and is also killer. Huge thanks to the folks at Southern Outpost for making these releases available digitally.

Track 17 Cyber Vision (A. Mix) by Andy Düx & Bombing F is an old (1996!) piece from the German label Over-X-Posure. It's huge - it plays at 45 and takes one whole side of OVER-X-PO 03. I have it running at +6% in this mix so if you want to hear it in its original buzzy glory I recommend tracking down a copy of the 12". (Frankly any Over-X-Posure 12" you spot in the wild is probably worth checking out).

One last programming note: the mix of Not R Fault played here as track 10 is the original (not live) version as released on M.A.P. Records. I've linked to the Clone West Coast Series re-release of The Unseen in the tracklist above to lend them some support, but please know that the original mix is not on that release, only the live version.

I think that's all I've got to say this week. Oh, one last recommendation: be sure to check out Di'jital's new EP ElectroHop II, the source of track 11 in this mix, NWEO Saga. That's new proper electro-techno business. Anyway I'll be back next week Thursday my usual time with another mix, something slower, probably more electro.

Edit: Turns out I did have something more to say. It seems Mat Carter has brought back his label Varial Records and reissued some of his old tracks. Notably Venting Steam and Solid Gear, previously released on the first of the Firewire Split Series, is now available digitally from the Varial Records bandcamp page. I have updated the tracklist link above to reflect this.


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