MTT 224 / Out At Night

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MTT224 Spectrogram

Playing mostly familiar tracks this week, although there are a couple new ones. Electro, standard 130, spacey stuff. New music from Silicon Scally's Revelations EP on CPU, London Modular Alliance's Cracked Dice EP also on CPU, and Mariska Neerman's Finding Our Way Back Home EP on HC Records.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Rokton Ensemble / Runout 05.08 00:00
  2. DJ HasH / Universal Atom 02:28
  3. Lazer Kontinent / Arproton (Juno Lazermachine Version) 04:43
  4. Mariska Neerman / Fresh Eyes (Shawescape RMX) 07:55
  5. Silicon Scally / Revelations (Fleck E.S.C. Remix) 13:20
  6. LektroiD / Communication 17:31
  7. Burrito Boys / Untitled [AT04 A2] 21:43
  8. dbacon / Aches 23:28
  9. Kerr Knoll / 808 Tape 26:06
  10. London Modular Alliance / Chemical Peel 29:06
  11. Nullptr / Reflector 33:39
  12. Sonar Base / Last Transit 37:02
  13. Morphology / Floating Point 40:00
  14. E.R.P. / Lodestone 45:38
  15. Heuristic Audio / Dawn Over The City 51:30
  16. Brothomstates / Flue 55:17

Tracks #13 Floating Point by Morphology, #10 Chemical Peel by London Modular Alliance, and #5 Revelations (Fleck E.S.C. Remix) by Silicon Scally are all from the excellent CPU Records. The latter two are both new, both electro four-track EPs, and both absolutely terrific.

Track #4 Fresh Eyes (Shawescape RMX) is from Mariska Neerman's Finding Our Way Back Home EP on HC Records of Spain. The whole EP is wonderfully lush synth-y electro and techno. I can't wait to play more from it. The Shawescape remix featured here is of course a remix from Jeremiah Shaw AKA J. Shaw, who produced MSIA027, one of my favorite releases on Militant Science. Anyway, strong recommendation for Finding Our Way Back Home, no bad tunes on it.

This set was put together faster than usual so a lot of tracks run long, in particular Lodestone. This is my second crack at playing Lodestone (the first being MTT 168 / Turbulent Flow); I hope I came up with a better mix this time. A fantastic track from a huge two-track release (originally a 10", discogs tells me).

OK, that's all I've got to say this week. Thanks for listening, be sure to check out the albums linked above, and I'll be back next week on Thursday the 17th with another mix. Catch you then.


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