MTT 225 / Nobody Home

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MTT225 Spectrogram

An hour of relaxed melancholic electro and IDM floating around 120 BPM. This set features new tracks from Brokntoys, CPU Records, and another piece from Mariska Neerman's Finding Our Way Back Home EP.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. R 325 / 191209719 00:00
  2. Silicon Scally / Walk Over (Carl Finlow Remix) 03:34
  3. Raw Stevens / Electronic Traveller 08:20
  4. Adam Jay / Cerium 10:51
  5. üNN / Fear 14:00
  6. Quinoline Yellow / LCC Basement 18:17
  7. Mariska Neerman / Anima Sola 20:30
  8. The Guide Girls / Moonglade Temal 22:42
  9. Mikron / Out Of Body 27:12
  10. Salmz / Revidants 32:03
  11. Vertical67 / Nightingale 35:55
  12. Yazoo / Midnight (Post Remix) 40:02
  13. Dez Williams / Lunchunmeet 42:45
  14. Megabeat / Strange (Boris Divider Remix) 45:59
  15. Freezie Freekie / Slow Decay 50:46
  16. Transparent Sound & Scape One & Karoshi / Abstrakt Sound 54:47
  17. The Pad Foundation / Dream Sequence 57:43

Track #1 191209719 by R 325, #11 Nightingale by Vertical67, and #13 Lunchunmeet by Dez Williams are all from the famous and consistently excellent label Brokntoys. R 325's Mouvements came out November of last year, Nightingale is a subscriber exclusive from March, and Lunchunmeet is from a compilation called A Call Too Close also from March. All three are fantastic additions to an already great catalog, so check 'em out. Call Too Close is particularly good and captures the sound of Brokntoys well.

Track #2 Walk Over (Carl Finlow Remix) by Silicon Scally and #9 Out Of Body by Mikron are both from the (also famous) Sheffield label CPU Records. I talked a tiny bit about Silicon Scally's Revelations last week - all four tracks are good but I think I like the two remixes best. Definitely worth a listen (if you haven't heard it yet). Mikron's faded and hazy (dare I say lo-fi) Warning Score has held up well over the last five years, I think. I still listen to it often and am always happy to play something from it.

Boris Divider's mix of Strange by Megabeat was the first piece I pulled while working out tracks for this set. It's on a four-track remix 12" from 2005 on the Spanish label MSX. I've never heard the originals of these tracks to compare, but I really like Divider's version of Strange and Jaumëtic's version of Ducted. A fine record, one to look for in the used shops.

And that's all the writing I have in me. I got a late start today so this one is publishing closer to midnight than usual. That's alright I suppose, the tracks are still good and I didn't get in the way of them too much. I'll be back next week Thursday evening with the usual end-of-the-month slow set.


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