20 Minutes Into The Future

Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future, 1985, dir. Annabel Jankel & Rocky Morton. VHS, NTSC standard, ~60 minutes long. x264 NTSC SD video + flac 16bit/44.1khz audio, ~1.2G, archived on DVD+R media. Purchased over 20 years ago at my local "Video USA" video rental store when they were closing that location.

The Max Headroom TV movie made for Channel 4. Strangely unavailable on DVD (or any other modern format). A pretty clean copy can be found on youtube thanks to user Kevin Galvayne (tipsy1973).

hangtime3-df[mdf.cpm] by aNnh & power_of_heavy_metal

hangtime3-df[mdf.cpm] at Quake 3 Defrag map hangtime3-df completed with CPM physics in 08:18:296 by aNnh. Video by power_of_heavy_metal. Map by, of course, NaturalSpringWater. Music featured in the video is the track Archetype by Sciama.

The video includes flashing lights and first-person gameplay that might cause motion sickness. (The hangtime maps are particularly disorienting I find).

Saw this last night & had to link it. A new video from power_of_heavy_metal is reason enough to celebrate, but hangtime3? Done flawlessly by aNnh? Incredible.