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Hey all, I'm putting my mix series "MTT" on pause until at least August 2024. I'm taking a year off to rest & recharge, dig for music, and to make a serious attempt at writing some new music myself.

I'm going to record and release the sets I had planned up through #335 so a few more are coming but then there'll be an extended break.'s avatar image // / 110727568955399950 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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I look forward to this marathon every year, I really like the RPGLB crew. I think the first of their marathons I saw was their third, RPGLB 2017.'s avatar image // / 110661662993644390 Origin link. Source file.
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I found My Dinner With Andre uploaded to Youtube yesterday & spent the afternoon watching it. I last saw it around 15 years ago I think.

I generally like small conversational movies and My Dinner is one of the best, of course, a classic. Everybody's great in it. Could not stop laughing at the waiter. Their talk is a complex thing, a lot of it goes over my head and I'm sure there's multiple ways to read it. It's kind of exhausting (in a good way).

Something I noticed this time: Lloyd Kaufman was apparently the production manager & Troma is credited with "additional production services".

Was kind of a weird thing to do on the 4th of July now that I think about it.

Wally (played by Wallace Shawn) in an upscale restaurant leaning against a bar waiting for his friend Andre (Andre Gregory) in the film My Dinner With Andre (1981).
Still image from the end credits of My Dinner With Andre (1981). A notable credit: "additional production services by TROMA, INC." .'s avatar image // / 110645521212994270 Origin link. Source file.
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CW: Mental Health, Self-Reflection

So June was a bad mental health month for me. Depression, the boring anhedonic kind, very strong this time. Just totally empty and grey. When I get that way it becomes impossible to do anything.

That's why I haven't published a mix in a few weeks. (If anyone has been wondering). I've been creatively exhausted for a little while anyway, as far as DJing can be considered "creative" I guess.

Just needed a break. My first in over six years. With a little time I'll get back on track.'s avatar image // / 110561643132316638 Origin link. Source file.
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Photo of a compact disc on a resealable anti-static bag. On the disc's label is an image showing a racecar with the word "PROTMAN" displayed in the upper windshield area.

I was moving a box of CDs yesterday and found an old Voidcomp by Protman.

I think this one says "Voidcomp 20061006" on it (it's hard to tell on the disc & illegible in my shaky photo). Eight tracks, a total of 30 minutes 53 seconds according to cdparanoia.'s avatar image // / 110457086962392390 Origin link. Source file.
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Going live with more Explore Jam 3 at

Will play for a few hours & hopefully complete a couple maps.

Explore Jam 3 (pt. 2, more explorin')

Video features maps by Madscientist, Konig, Iyago, Recycledoj, CommonCold, and Aesopolis

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I'm streaming the Quake 1 mod Quoffee 2 again tonight over at

Quoffee 2 (part 3, the last cup)

Episode 4 of Quoffee 2


I'm on the final episode of the map pack. I last picked up singleplayer like two weeks ago, let's see if I can remember anything.