MTT 297 / Not Quite Right

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MTT297 Spectrogram

Smashing through some electro for this first show of November 2022. 133 rising to somewhere close around 140. No new tracks this time I'm afraid, but some big tunes by Chromatix, Ectomorph, Morphogenetic, Mr. Velcro Fastener, and more.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Zobol / Asymmetry 00:00
02. Morphology / Spacetime Interval 03:16
03. ADJ / Welcome 07:22
04. Chromatix / Pitch Control 11:27
05. Miotek & Salmz / First Contact 16:02
06. Tracey / Transit 21:27
07. Lerosa / Desir 25:31
08. Dark Matrix / Untitled [LSF007 B3] 29:55
09. Ectomorph / Parallax View 32:59
10. Aux 88 / Control 37:31
11. Morphogenetic / Alright 41:17
12. Nullptr / Phantom Cell 46:11
13. Mr Velcro Fastener / To The Next Phase 50:35
14. Cybonix / Let Yo Body Rock 55:00
15. Skee Mask / At Play 58:43

There's no new releases or label repeats to talk about here so instead I'm going to highlight a couple tracks, starting with Pitch Control by Chromatix. The copy here is being played from a 4x12" comp called Beatz Clash Volume 1, an unmixed vinyl set released to accompany this Radioactive Man & Transparent Sound mix of the same name. It (Pitch Control) was apparently first released by the label World Electric on the Multiplayer EP, a record I'll have to keep an eye out for, as Pitch Control is really fun, bleepy and zoomy.

Track #11 is listed as Alright by Morphogenetic on my copy of the 12" but is credited as World Conflict by Mandroid at the bandcamp linked above. I'm not sure which is correct, that bandcamp listing or the vinyl. In any case it's from the Duality EP, the third release on Fundamental Bass Intelligence, a collaboration between Mandroid and Morphogenetic. I really love the first three FBI releases & have always loved playing them (so much so my copies sound a bit faded now).

That'll have to do it for notes this week (I need to sleep). If you hear a track you like then please check the links above & consider purchasing the release, most of this set is available digitally. I'll be back next week with another mix, something slower, as is my habit.


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