MTT 299 / No Need

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MTT299 Spectrogram

Breaks, electro, and IDM today, including three tracks from CPU Records and two from Neo Ouija as well as long pieces by Brian Eno, Lone, and Tosca.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Beta Consciousness / Past Never Ends 00:00
02. Metamatics / Bodypop 03:26
03. Silicon Scally / Protocol 2 07:39
04. London Modular Alliance / Chemical Peel 11:34
05. Lone / Pulsar 15:27
06. Steifl / Being There 21:26
07. Mikron / Ask Me 25:20
08. VC-118A / Information System 29:49
09. CRC / Blueshift 33:46
10. Tosca / Busenfreund (Baby Mammoth Remix) 36:42
11. Low Orbit Satellite / Into_XY 42:01
12. Alex Who DJs / Needs More Breaks 45:16
13. Supreems / Broken (And Out Of Sync) 48:38
14. Brian Eno / Fractal Zoom (Separate Time Full Length) 52:45
15. ADJ / Hope 58:03

First up there are a couple recent (2022) tracks in this mix: #6 Being There by Steifl released on Brokntoys and #12 Needs More Breaks by Alex Who DJs on Magic Box Engine. The latter is interesting, bright breaks in a similar style as the following Supreems track, worth a look if you (like me) are into that sound.

As mentioned above there are some label repeats in this hour. From CPU we have #3 Protocol 2 by Silicon Scally, #4 Chemical Peel by London Modular Alliance, and #7 Ask Me by Mikron. From Neo Ouija there's #1 Past Never Ends by Beta Consciousness and #2 Bodypop by Metamatics. The Neo Ouija tracks are a recent purchase, picked up a few days ago during a sale. (I've been meaning to pick up some of the Cottage Industries comps for a long time now).

One last piece I'd like to call out is #14 Fractal Zoom by Brian Eno from his 1992 album Nerve Net. I'm a big fan of Nerve Net in general, I think it's a somewhat overlooked Eno album. It's a good combination of the ambient and pop Eno. Reminds me a bit of the Passengers albums from a few years later. Check it (Nerve Net) out if you haven't heard it before.

There's some loose mixing (and phrasing) going on here but overall it's OK. The tracks are good. As always if you hear something you like check out the links above & please consider supporting the artist by purchasing a track or release. I'll be back next week with another mix (number 300?!). Not sure what that'll be yet, probably something slow.


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