MTT 284 / Rising Pressure

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MTT284 Spectrogram

Fast & tough electro and electro-bass today. Battle Trax, Black Magic US, Control Tower, Monotone, Puzzlebox, United Bass Nations, and more. Heavy hitters.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Agent Patrick & DATA / Boogie Down Detroit 00:00
02. Bass Society / Mutation 03:22
03. Darxid / Bass Operator 06:58
04. Drop Man / Basstronic 11:55
05. Sound Chasers / Sonar (Supreme.ja Remix) 14:16
06. Dynamix II / Sedona 17:19
07. Keith Tucker / Oscillator (Bonus Beats) 21:46
08. Radioactive Man / Sight & Sound 26:11
09. Kronos Device / Sinister Synthesis 30:11
10. Illektrolab / Nasty Bits 34:36
11. Hydraulix / Basstown 38:32
12. Bomb Dogs / Through The Wires 42:15
13. Synthetix / Birth Of The Bot 46:53
14. Autonomous Bass Heads / Bass Rock 51:19
15. Exzakt / Dark Mind 54:56
16. T.E.S.T. / Feel 58:41

The most recent track here is #10 Nasty Bits by Illektrolab from the 2019 Paranoid Android EP on Brokntoys. Illektrolab has a new EP, Temporal Interference, due to be released on Brokntoys at the end of this month. It seems good to me from the preview tracks, certainly worth a listen if you like Nasty Bits and their style in general.

Three tracks from Monotone feature in this mix: #6 Sedona by Dynamix II, #11 Basstown by Hydraulix, and #15 Dark Mind by Exzakt. All are played from recordings of the vinyl releases on Monotone (the version of Sedona is the 2006 reissue). I'm a big fan of mid-2000s Florida electro (a topic I've written about before), particularly Exceleration Records and Monotone. I haven't kept up with the new releases from Monotone, though, unfortunately.

I wasn't able to find the Electronic Counter Measures EP for sale online anymore (maybe Amazon has it?) but Synthetix has a bunch of other great albums available at his bandcamp page. The latest there, Decompiler, seems pretty good. Bass-heavy & serious.

That's it from me this week. If you hear a track you like please consider supporting the artist by picking up an EP or album at the relevant tracklist link above. I'll be back next week with more bass, albeit slower this time.


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