MTT 287 / Saturation Point

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MTT287 Spectrogram

Bass and electro, heavy and light, 90-100. A couple tracks by Beat Dominator, a couple by Dynamix II, some 2 Live Crew, some Gucci Crew II, good times.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. üNN / Pressure 00:00
02. Beat Dominator / Music's Hypnotyzing 02:39
03. Techno Bass Crew / Lo-Tek Impact 06:11
04. Dynamix II / Purple Beats [Color Beats] 10:05
05. 2 Live Crew / Ghetto Bass 12:43
06. Gucci Crew II / Gucci Bass 16:49
07. Circuit Breaker / Debonaire's Drop 22:25
08. Silicon / Bass Experience 26:05
09. Paul Blackford / Neon Shores 30:10
10. Novamen / Sloom 32:53
11. Adam Jay / Waveguide 36:06
12. Exzakt ft. Uprock / Dope Fiend 41:24
13. Beat Dominator / Bass... Can You Hear Me? 45:18
14. Aux 88 / Fly By Night 48:52
15. Dynamix II / Give It To 'em 54:33
16. Bitstream / Astro Glide 57:08

The two most recently released tracks in this hour are #9 Neon Shores by Paul Blackford from the Betamax album on CPU Records and #11 Waveguide by Adam Jay from the album Inoperable Data on Detroit Underground. Both albums released in 2020. Betamax is a chill slow downtempo electro album and Inoperable Data is more straightforward uptempo electro/techno. Both are very good and worth checking out.

There are two '80s tracks in here (which you might guess from the sound quality of the vinyl), specifically #5 Ghetto Bass by 2 Live Crew and #6 Gucci Bass by Gucci Crew II. Ghetto Bass has one of my favorite scratch sequences ever, I love Mr. Mixx's style. And the low end in #6 Gucci Bass is so good, just the right amount of distortion there. Both tracks hit hard, always love playing 'em.

This closes out another August, another bass month. There's a lot of long-time favorites in this hour, records and CDs I've been playing a long time. I've done what I can to source links to digital copies for the tracklist above, thankfully most of it is available. If you hear something you like please consider supporting the artist & picking up a track or two.

Anyway I'll be back next week at my usual time, Thursday evening, with omething faster and less bass-y.


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