MTT 259 / Glide (2)

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MTT259 Spectrogram

"Friendly" techno. A bunch of '90s IDM and techno plus some 2010s tracks by Legowelt, Permutation, John Shima, and Dan White. Letting tracks run long this time.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. John Shima / Depopulation 00:00
  2. B12 / Mondrin 05:29
  3. Legowelt / Dolphin Training Center 08:59
  4. A Guy Called Gerald / Just Soul 14:59
  5. Dan White / Buckley's Escape 18:50
  6. Permutation / Memories Of The Future 23:18
  7. John Shima / Final Horizon 27:01
  8. Trackman / Smoothing 31:13
  9. Dark Matrix / 06_22.16 [LSF007 C3] 35:54
  10. The Black Dog / 0093 40:05
  11. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia / Obsidian 43:46
  12. Balil / Small Energies 47:39
  13. New Adult / Hometown 52:49
  14. Aphex Twin / Actium 56:10

The most recent tracks here are #6 Memories Of The Future by Permutation from their 2019 Many Worlds EP, and the two by John Shima: #1 Depopulation from the 2012 EP of the same name on Binalog Productions and #7 Final Horizon from the 2011 Prime Connection EP also on Binalog Prod.. Memories Of The Future is my favorite from that Permutation EP and I've been meaning to play it for years but only got to it today. Lovely tune.

(Edit: and the Dan White track Buckley's Escape is post-2010 too. And so is Legowelt's Dolphin Training Center... shoot, I guess more of this is new than I thought.)

Number 8 Smoothing by Trackman is a favorite of mine. It's a little more house-y than I usually play, maybe, but I love that squiggly lead, it always cheers me up. I'm happy to say that it's available thru Mark Archer's (Trackman's) bandcamp.

Track #13 Hometown by New Adult (AKA Bandulu) from the old Usability Now compilation on Infonet is also worth a highlight I think. The old Infonet catalog is full of good techno, most of it (seemingly) written by Bandulu under aliases. I wish that stuff were available for purchase digitally; I can't seem to find it for sale anywhere online, sadly.

I had some difficulty recording this one today so I'm writing in a hurry. Much of this mix is a redux of MTT 031 / Glide, an older set that I felt like iterating on this week; I think it could still use some cooking, it's not quite done.

Anyway I'll be back the evening of Thursday the 17th with another mix. Something slower again I think, maintaining my pattern.


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