MTT 254 / Encounters

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MTT254 Spectrogram

Fast (high 130s) breaks and electro today, featuring new(ish) tracks from Particle Music, Scape One, and Warning Berlin. A little rowdy, a little tough.

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  1. Axiom 23 / Line 00:00
  2. Ion Driver / bbRobot (Señor Frio Remix) 02:44
  3. Scape One / Energy Pattern 2 (Dark Energy Mix) 06:48
  4. Exzakt / Musik Is The Drug (Uprock's Keyser Soze Mix) 10:23
  5. Carlos SicRock / Computers 13:44
  6. MAS 2008 / Punished By Machines 17:46
  7. Freezie Freekie / Nanobotix 22:30
  8. DALO / ZAFRAM 26:11
  9. Bodro / Classified Technology 29:44
  10. Mav & Twister / The Tubes [33RPM] 33:33
  11. The Black Dog / Siiiipher (The Bass Soldier's Forgemasters Remix) 38:19
  12. Markone / Bad Mood 41:19
  13. Drexell / Hydro 44:50
  14. Decal / Look So Fine 48:46
  15. T++ / Allied 53:14
  16. Hajimari / Finally Free 56:36
  17. Nimoy / 1981 58:42

The new (2021 and later) tracks in this mix are #3 Energy Pattern 2 (Dark Energy Mix) by Scape One, #8 ZAFRAM by Dalo, and #13 Hydro by Drexell. That last one, Hydro, is from Part Four on Particle Music, the most recent entry in a cool series of electro-techno-breaks EPs that originally started in the early 2000s. Loud stuff, has a lot of attitude, I'm into it.

Tracks #2 bbRobot (Señor Frio Remix) by Ion Driver, #5 Computers by Carlos SicRock, and #9 Classified Technology by Bodro are all from the excellent netlabel Digital Distortions. The latter of those two are fairly recent, from 2019 and 2020 respectively. Digital Distortions is always worth checking in on for the heavy, weird business. (And all their releases are name-your-price).

The last 20 minues or so of this mix is kind of a stretch, I could use more tracks with that sn12 sound, more practice too probably. Any excuse to play Allied by T++ is a good one though, so I'm happy with it. Anyway I'll be back next week Thursday evening PST with another mix, something slower, as usual.


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