MTT 257 / A Peculiar Strategy

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MTT257 Spectrogram

IDM and some twitchy drum & bass today. Slow-ish, and then fast-ish. This mix features long tracks by Brothomstates, Metamatics, Plaid, and Scape One.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Rokton Ensemble / Runout 05.05 00:00
  2. Scape One / Pure Logic 02:18
  3. Metamatics / Vocoder Odour 07:23
  4. Wayne & Nick / Beige Beige Beige 13:05
  5. Protch / Paranoiaphobia (Krii RMX) 17:09
  6. Aaron Spectre / Half Silver 21:41
  7. Phoenecia / Dilido 25:19
  8. dbacon / Pates 29:40
  9. The Pad Foundation / Snow Day 31:09
  10. Mikron / Lyre 35:10
  11. Brothomstates / Itch 39:19
  12. Jega / Kyoto 44:51
  13. Orbital / Times Fly (Fast) 48:51
  14. Plaid / Angry Dolphin 51:36
  15. Heart Drive / Aut0mated L0ve 58:20

There are only a couple recent tracks in this hour, so let's list them: #8 Pates by dbacon from his album Half-arsed Cupboard Jams 2, and the new-old #11 Itch by Brothomstates from the recently remastered Kobn-Tich-Ey. (Couldn't seem to remember the name of that last album while reading the tracklist, sorry about that). I like the chill side of Dave Paton (AKA dbacon) a lot and so I've really enjoyed his Cupboard Jams albums. Both Cupboard Jams albums and the remastered Kobn-Tich-Ey are currently name-your-price on bandcamp so check 'em out.

After I realized in practice that Itch changes tempo up to 165 I knew I had to work my way to Plaid's Angry Dolphin. It's been a long time since I've played it (and I'm surprised I hadn't played it on this show before). Great tune, a favorite of mine, playful and just the right amount of skittery, twitchy. It's available on the Trainer compilation on Warp but the copy played here is from the Android EP on Clear records.

And that'll do it for notes this episode. If you like what you hear then please check out the albums linked above, support the artists. I'll be back next week Thursday evening with another mix, maybe some techno for February.


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