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MTT No. 102 / You Can't See Us

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MTT102 Spectrogram

Detroit (and Dutch, and Australian...) electro this week. Fast and loose.

This show (like most of MTT Year 2) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Ectomorph / IT01 Loop 3 00:00
  2. Agent Patrick & ShapeShiftr / Night Vision 01:07
  3. Andrew Red Hand / 8000 KM To Go 05:25
  4. D.I.E. / Programming 07:28
  5. Keith Tucker / (Techno) It's On My Mind 10:25
  6. Uni / Latch 15:05
  7. Drox / 2.2.1 16:38
  8. DJ Godfather / Under The Abyss 18:29
  9. Cosmic Force / Masterblaster 21:00
  10. Ectomorph / Parallax View 24:14
  11. Venechor / Dim 8's Two 28:02
  12. The Advent / Let Us Take You 30:42
  13. Silicon & Lowsh / Untitled [V-989 B2] 34:58
  14. Digitek / Malfunction 37:55
  15. UR / Subsonic Shadow 39:58
  16. Electric Soul / X² (Vocal Mix) 42:22
  17. Ectomorph / Breakthrough 45:58
  18. Aux 88 / Interstellar Funk 47:45
  19. Perception / Mirage 51:55
  20. Shake / Freeform 56:20
  21. Stingray313 / Sphere Of Influence 57:40

This selection is similar to what I played back in MTT 055. A few tracks from Southern Outpost, a couple from Clone's The Men You'll Never See comp, one from The Advent's label Kombination Research, and then a whole stack of Detroit vinyl.

Dim 8's Two by Venechor (AKA Laura Grabb) has been a secret weapon of mine for a long time. Grabb has a bandcamp page full of proper hardcore techno, but those two Venechor tracks are my favorite. My copy is from the used techno bins at 360 Vinyl, and looks like it's been kicked around a bit.

Levels are pretty uneven during this show, and the whole thing is sloppy. But I managed to play Mirage and had a good time; that's enough for me.


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