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MTT No. 093 / Through My Outline

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MTT093 Spectrogram

This week's show is a selection of electro, techno and a couple old new wave / synthpop tracks. Lots of kick drums on one and three.

This show (like most of MTT Year 2) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Rokton Ensemble / Runout 05.06 00:36
  2. Obergman / Quantum Eraser 02:36
  3. System Insurgent / System Escape 05:50
  4. Pip Williams / Pleasure Deficiency Syndrome 08:23
  5. The Exaltics / Whats Wrong 11:19
  6. Sol37 / 2.2.5 14:43
  7. E.R.P. / Oretha 16:04
  8. Gosub / Low Volume Lovers 19:35
  9. The Wee DJs / Sineful 22:53
  10. Lowfish / 999 25:47
  11. Dopplereffekt / Speak & Spell 28:18
  12. Blackploid / Mystery Speaker 30:58
  13. Dcast Dynamics / Break, Travel & Time 33:21
  14. Mandroid / Robots In Nightclubs 36:26
  15. Drexciya / Funk Release Valve 38:59
  16. Lost Trax / Self Destruct Sequence 41:44
  17. Komarken Electronics / Moonlight Beat 43:10
  18. =UHU= / New Wave 46:02
  19. Ultravox / Astradyne 49:36
  20. John Foxx / 030 52:45
  21. The Other People Place / You Said You Want Me 55:47
  22. Gliese / Galaxian 59:06

Two very recent purchases are featured in this mix. First, 2.2.5 by Sol37, from the System Updates EP on Southern Outpost. That came out just this week; it's a great bonus beats / DJ tool compilation, highly recommended. Second, Whats Wrong by The Exaltics from 1000 Lights In The Sky (Part 1) on Bunker Records. This is older, a 2010 release, but I picked it up the day of the show. It's also good; probably my favorite release by The Exaltics.

For an improvised set this turned out OK. A few of the transitions don't work (Funk Release Valve to Self Destruct Sequence), and the levels are a bit wonky. But, as I'm fond of saying, the tracks are good. And I managed to play John Foxx, so this one's a winner.


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