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MTT304 Spectrogram

Tracker mods! The sixth annual Movement Through Thought tracker music show. This mix features recent pieces from the Assembly 2022 and Revision 2022 tracked music competitions as well as a bunch of tunes from Tokyo Dawn and a few old favorites.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Jean Nine / Mellon Moon 00:00
02. Darkhalo / Glass' Little Sister 03:20
03. Qwan / Imperfect World 07:25
04. Prymer / Meanwhile 09:38
05. Jannez / Some 13:44
06. CJ Imperium & P. Cooper / CEM2 (New Stuff) 16:10
07. Nagz / False Belief 19:15
08. Elysis / Get On A Journey 21:33
09. Xhale & Gainx / Gone Hi 23:38
10. Velvet & Amable / Fluffy Clouds 27:04
11. Skaven / The Alchemist 28:52
12. Necros / Wired '96 Report 32:01
13. Bacter & Saga Musix / The Oasis 35:21
14. Netpoet / Audiessence 39:30
15. Deepflow / Newborn 44:02
16. Lordchaos / 48 Hours 47:10
17. Jarsk1e / NES & Bass 49:56
18. Slaze / The Ark Of Untruths 52:16
19. Mygg & JosSs & Bonefish / Nasty Ways 54:32
20. Mentz / Keepin' It Kool 57:07

Going over the new tracks this hour we've got #13 The Oasis by Bacter & Saga Musix (first place in the tracked music competition at Revision 2022), #18 The Ark Of Untruths (seventh at Revision 2022), #17 NES & Bass by Jarsk1e (ninth place in the tracked music competition at Assembly 2022), and #19 Nasty Ways (first at Assembly 2022). The Assembly and Revision tracked music entries were all good this year and can be found at those two links (leading to Nasty Ways in particular should be seen as well as heard (it's real flashy), the video for it can be found on youtube in the Assembly 2022 Tracked Music Comp video.

Five tracks here are from the netlabel Tokyo Dawn Records: #4 Meanwhile by Prymer, #6 CEM2 (New Stuff) by CJ Imperium & P. Cooper, #15 Newborn by Deepflow, #16 48 Hours by Lordchaos, and the final track Keepin' It Kool by Mentz. There's a lot of good breaks, downtempo, and drum & bass in the old Tokyo Dawn tracked music catalog on It's worth a browse if you've got the time to dig and you're set up to play module files. (And I will likely be playing more from Tokyo Dawn in the near future).

I don't have the energy tonight to give this one the full track-by-track Blogariddims treatment unfortunately. Those few paragraphs will have to do. Do check the links above & browse around those sites though, there's a lot of great music (and interesting history) to be found on sites like modarchive and (among others).

I'll be back next week with another mix, maybe some drum & bass to close out 2022.


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