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MTT301 Spectrogram

Wandering through some mid-130s electro & techno this week. A couple tracks from Brokntoys, a long piece by Silicon, new tunes by CH415 and VCS2600, and more.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Shine Grooves / Runout 04.07 00:00
02. Komarken Electronics / Early Mornings 02:21
03. Juno Lazermachine / Conficker 07:32
04. CH415 / Magnetic 10:43
05. Lloyd Stellar / Just Keep Breathing 14:57
06. Drox / Belt Driver [Denovo] 18:44
07. Axiom 23 / 200 Days 21:49
08. VCS2600 / Zero-player Game 24:55
09. Silicon / Translucent Future 27:33
10. Morphology / Intercal 33:03
11. Inigo Kennedy / Nocturnal 37:21
12. Max Duley / Double Front 40:56
13. The Advent / Dawn Of Light 44:52
14. Dynarec / Opposing Combinations 48:15
15. Cyborg 95 / Def6 51:27
16. Gliese / To Neptune 55:15

Track #4 Magnetic by CH415 and #8 Zero-player Game by VCS2600 are both pretty recent, November and April of this year respectively. The VCS2600 I've played tracks from and have recommended before. The CH415 is new to me, a bouncy squeaky two-tracker, both sides excellent.

Track #9 Translucent Future by Silicon (AKA Heath Brunner) is an old favorite of mine. It's from the Static EP on VMAX, the first record by Brunner I picked up. Really sharp spiky electro. Thin. Translucent Future is the slow track on the record, the rest is north of 140. I might write a few paragraphs on this 12" soon while it's on my mind. (That is if I can come up with enough to say). If you haven't heard this one before give it a listen, it's great.

This one's coming in about 12 hours late 'cause I wanted sleep and the set needed more work. As always if you hear something you like in the mix check the tracklist above (or in the lyrics sheet of the file) to find a link back to where you can hear & purchase the full release.

I'll be back next week with another mix, hopefully on Thursday this time. Something slower & hopefully easy.


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