MTT 302 / Held Together

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MTT302 Spectrogram

An easy selection of breaks & electro in the mid 120s. Good tracks - three from CPU, two from Graded, and a couple recent pieces from Magic Box Engine and Móatún 7.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Holger Flinsch / Deretla 00:00
02. Tracey / 1999 05:03
03. Silicon Scally / Rift 08:46
04. Alex Who DJs / Island II 13:07
05. Sasha / Head Melter 17:44
06. Fleck E.S.C. / Extra Will Provider 21:49
07. Cygnus / Cybrid Vox 26:18
08. Nullptr / AFTRMTH 30:39
09. Koova / Words Of Wisdom 34:14
10. EM + STAV / Orbit Groove 39:04
11. Dangerous Frontiers / Twilight Of The Dragon 43:07
12. Gosub / Earth Recompile 47:46
13. G-Prod / ReBirth 52:02
14. Zainetica / Soyokaze Park 57:02

The three tracks from CPU in this mix are #3 Rift by Silicon Scally, #7 Cybrid Vox by Cygnus, and #8 AFTRMTH by Nullptr. And the two Graded / Intergraded tracks are #2 1999 by Tracey and #10 Orbit Groove by EM + STAV. The new tracks here (meaning released this year) are #4 Island II by Alex Who DJs on Magic Box Engine and #13 ReBirth by G-Prod from the Strandgata on Móatún 7.

Track 12 Earth Recompile by Gosub is from the 2005 Low Volume Lovers EP on Frustrated Funk, a very good (and now I think somewhat famous or well-known) record. I've called it out before but it bears repeating how good that 12" is, if you haven't heard it check it out. I'm pretty sure I've played all four tracks at least once now for the mix series. (Though I will say it's real easy to get lost in Earth Recompile, hard to phrase that one).

That'll do it for 302. As always you can find links back to where you can purchase the releases played in this mix in the tracklist above (and in the USLT tag on the mp3 file). If you hear something you like please consider supporting the artist by picking up a track or album. I'll be back next week with another mix, hopefully on Thursday evening this time.


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