MTT 305 / At The Root

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MTT305 Spectrogram

Tracker drum & bass for the final mix of 2022. Eight (!) tracks from Tokyo Dawn Records, two from Most Valuable Playaz, and four from Language Lab, plus one old non-tracker favorite by T.Power.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Viinikala / Cloaks 00:00
02. Fanu / Firefly Swarm 03:38
03. Tyree / Tarmac (RJV Remix) 08:13
04. Dafear / Light 10:54
05. Mefis / Connection Busy 14:24
06. Assign / Unleash 17:51
07. Mentz / Spherical Existance 21:41
08. Mad-E / Velvet Connection 23:36
09. Geniuz / Demando 26:42
10. Darkhalo / Moonlight 31:25
11. ICR / Strings And Bass 36:03
12. Zake / Cones & Towers (Phorte Remix) 39:11
13. Krii / Spellbound 43:07
14. Nightwatch / Behind You 48:10
15. T.Power / Amber 52:39
16. Tyree / Bland 57:36

About half this mix is from the old Tokyo Dawn Records mod catalog. Specifically tracks #1 Cloaks by Viinikala, #4 Light by Dafear, #5 Connection Busy by Mefis, #6 Unleash by Assign, #7 Spherical Existance by Mentz, #11 Strings And Bass by ICR, #12 Cones & Towers (Remix) by Zake, and #13 Spellbound by Krii. Many of these selections mirror Towerx's Tokyo Dawn Records Mix No. 1, an excellent intro to the wealth of drum & bass mods on Tokyo Dawn & very much worth hearing along with its sequel.

The remainder of this mix is mostly bits and pieces from Language Lab and Mostvaluableplayaz, both labels I have featured before. Four from Language Lab (#3, #9, #14, #16) and two from MVP (#2 and #8). #10 Moonlight by Darkhalo is an outlier as (as far as I know) it was released by Darkhalo themselves and not thru a label or scene group.

Which leaves #15 Amber by T.Power from his 1995 album The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind. Legendary drum & bass / jungle album, not a tracker production (to my knowledge), one of my favorites. Amber is here to close the mix as I felt it would fit and be a nice way to end the year.

That's all the notes I have energy for. Check out the links above if you're looking to locate these tracks (and be sure to purchase T.Power's Self Evident Truth if you don't already have a copy). I'll be back next week with another mix, not sure what yet, maybe something slow.


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