hangtime3-df[mdf.cpm] by aNnh & power_of_heavy_metal

hangtime3-df[mdf.cpm] at Quake 3 Defrag map hangtime3-df completed with CPM physics in 08:18:296 by aNnh. Video by power_of_heavy_metal. Map by, of course, NaturalSpringWater. Music featured in the video is the track Archetype by Sciama.

The video includes flashing lights and first-person gameplay that might cause motion sickness. (The hangtime maps are particularly disorienting I find).

Saw this last night & had to link it. A new video from power_of_heavy_metal is reason enough to celebrate, but hangtime3? Done flawlessly by aNnh? Incredible.

Red Orc, Professor Smith, and Voltage Music

Artwork from plus_two.mp3, a simple drawing of a man wearing glasses waving at the viewer

So back in the late '90s there used to be a site called, a place where musicians released low-bitrate mp3s of original tracks. There was a drum & bass producer I liked a lot there by the name of Red Orc. I got to wondering yesterday: where'd Red Orc go, what'd they end up doing? tells me that Red Orc is Andrew Smith AKA Professor Smith AKA Jackie's Army. This appears to be the same Andrew Smith that founded XLR8R magazine. Discogs lists three releases by Red Orc in 1998 after which Smith released a series of very interesting minimalist dubby electro EPs on the San Francisco label Voltage Music (all of which are now available on bandcamp).

The one Red Orc track I can remember clearly is Plus Two, a dark sketchy 170 BPM amen workout. I wasn't able to find any Red Orc for download on the web; digging through old burned CDs I found Plus Two and four other tracks, all in 128kbps mp3 format. Plus Two's metadata says it's from a 1999 album called "Red Orc in the Palace of Funk"; I'd very much like to hear that album someday.

MTT 271 / On Bright Wings

MTT271 Spectrogram

Electro in the 130s this week (plus some old British electronic listening music magic to close). This mix features new tracks by Alva Recek (from the recent Soma EP), Shawescape Renegade (from the (forthcoming?) Reconstruct Your Mind EP), and Versalife (from the Shape Shifter 2 EP).

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.