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MTT274 Spectrogram

Slow (and then not-so-slow) music for the last show of May. Downtempo, IDM, and later on a little drum & bass. This mix features a couple tracks by Paul Blackford, a couple from Cosmic Bridge Records, a newly-available-digitally piece by XY0815, and a long one by Chris Randall.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Boxcutter / Not The End Of The World 00:00
02. U.N.K.L.E. vs. The Major Force Orchestra / The Time Has Come 02:06
03. Eliot Lipp / Hard 2 Get 06:32
04. Hong Kong Express / Unfinished Business 09:24
05. Shitao / St. Petersburg Streets 12:12
06. Chris Randall / drt_895r 14:06
07. Paul Blackford / Enhanced Transmat 19:48
08. Access To Arasaka / 40bwi3 40 22:36
09. Dynamix II / Yellow Beats 25:42
10. XY0815 / Gates Need Inputs 28:00
11. Breaka ft. SC / Aromatic Riddim 32:12
12. Danny Scrilla ft. Om Unit / Free Flight 36:22
13. Sun People / To Give 39:55
14. Deskai / The Dreams 43:05
15. Fanu / Heavenless 46:37
16. Lamb / Gorecki (Global Communication Remix) 50:33
17. Art Of Noise / Island (Seiji Remix) 54:29
18. Paul Blackford / Absent Friends 57:49

There are three recent (2021 and later) tracks here: #5 St. Petersburg Streets by Shitao, #10 Gates Need Inputs by XY0815, and #13 To Give by Sun People. The first of that list from the excellent Restless Dreams tribute to Silent Hill on No Problema Tapes, a comp I've only just started to dig into. Next one, the XY0815 track, is from Gates Need Inputs Vol. I, which has recently been made available digitally after a limited 12" in 2021. Last is from Sun People's 2021 Transitions EP on Exit Records UK, a hybrid footwork / drum & bass release, good (and very energetic) stuff.

Two of Paul Blackford's tracks appear in this hour: #7 Enhanced Transmat, and the final track #18 Absent Friends. Both are from the old Militant Science catalog (MSIA010 Germ Warfare and MSIA029 respectively) and both are available now from Blackford's bandcamp on a compilation called The Electro Collection Vol. Two.

Also two from Cosmic Bridge Records: #1 Not The End Of The World by Boxcutter from their 2013 Gnosis EP, and #12 Free Flight by Danny Scrilla & Om Unit from the 2015 True Sight EP. Both EPs are good examples of the cool slow-fast sound that Cosmic Bridge is known for (and both are great I hasten to add).

Selection's a little scatterbrained & mixing a little loose this week, I guess that's where my mind is at. Ah well, all the music is good. If you hear a track you like then please consult the links above and check out the full release it's from (and consider supporting the artist, maybe pick up an EP). I'll be back next week at my regular time for the first episode of June 2022. Back to something fast, I think.


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