MTT 272 / Right Behind

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MTT272 Spectrogram

Electro and a little techno in the high 120s today, featuring a couple tracks from the old Elektrolux label and one new one by MetaComplex from the Fifth Quarter compilation on Brokntoys.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Reedale Rise / Smoke Rings 00:00
02. Mas 2008 / Outpost Omega To Houston 02:00
03. Aural Float / New Frontiers (Audiowerk Mix) 05:18
04. DJ Life / The Room 09:22
05. Ikonika / Your Body 12:55
06. Carl Finlow / Conflict 17:27
07. Dexter / Ech Vet! 21:59
08. Pathic / False Profits 25:50
09. Raiders Of The Lost Arp / Workflow 30:52
10. Autobot-1000 vs. DJ Di'jital / Atomic 33:38
11. Cybotron / Alleys Of Your Mind 37:40
12. Neil Landstrumm vs. Tommy Akira Kiteshi / Retour de France 40:42
13. Kobol Electronics / Code10 43:13
14. Versalife / Pathogen 47:30
15. MetaComplex / Precognition 51:01
16. Umwelt / Secret Of A Black World Part 1 55:47
17. Scape One / Cinescape 60:36

The one new track this hour is #15 Precognition by MetaComplex from the Fifth Quarter compilation on Brokntoys. It's a good & diverse release; Precognition and Lloyd Stellar's track stood out as the most familiar on my first few listens. I'm sure I'll be playing more from the comp in mixes (once I figure some of the tracks out). Also it's good to hear new material from MetaComplex (AKA Tamás Olejnik AKA Dublicator); I really need to give the music on MetaComplex's bandcamp a listen.

Track #10 Atomic by Autobot-1000 & DJ Di'jital is from the 2002 Bass Programmers EP on Twilight 76 records. Perfect electro, techno, and technobass EP, all four tracks are great. I've now played most of the EP for this mix series & so it's time to call it out. Give it a listen, consider picking it up, 'cause it's excellent. Putting Alleys Of Your Mind into Atomic felt right.

That's what I've got this week. A lot of the selections today are things I've played before; I'm leaning a bit on songs and albums I know well & like a lot. Not the most original hour but satisfying nonetheless. I'll be back at my usual time next week with another mix, probably more electro and techno.


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