MTT 268 / Cosmic Breakers

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MTT268 Spectrogram

~128 BPM electro, techno, and Weird Stuff today. I don't think there's anything new here, but there are a couple long tracks by As Far As I Know, J Shaw, and Seiji.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Lone Shark / Aviation 00:00
02. Versalife / Artificial Affection 03:56
03. Autechre / Bike 07:22
04. Nachtzug / Unspoken 2 10:54
05. Low Orbit Satellite / Hostile Manoeuvres 13:55
06. J Shaw / Surfing Galaxies 17:04
07. Delta Funktionen / Siberian Surf 21:52
08. Scape One / Distinct Century 25:53
09. Elecktroids / Check Mate 28:54
10. As Far As I Know ft. Nathan Surreal / Fact Speak Itself 32:54
11. Permutation / Dreams 38:24
12. Bonecold / Lliad 41:38
13. A. Ashdown / Cash Flow 44:44
14. Skee Mask / Kordman Return (Swing Mix) 48:42
15. Seiji / Silver Blossom 52:55
16. Ke Thu / Is Separated From Itself 57:23

Just a couple notes this week. Two tracks from Brokntoys appear here, #2 Artificial Affection by Versalife and #8 Distinct Century by Scape One. (I mistakenly said that Distinct Century was on Affected Music while reading the tracklist; it's not, it's on Brokntoys on an EP called Planetoid).

Tracks #7 Siberian Surf by Delta Funktionen, #11 Dreams by Permutation, and #16 Is Separated From Itself by Ke Thu are the most recent in this mix. (2019, 2019, and 2021, respectively). All three are from great EPs, from the orthodox precise electro of Delta Funktionen's North Point to the smooth genre-mashup of Permutation's Many Worlds to the hazy playful experiment of Ke Thu's Every Aspect. They're worth a listen in full, I like 'em a lot.

I've been sitting on #15 Silver Blossom by Seiji for a while, waiting for the right time to play it, a moment where I've mixed myself into tracks with a snare or accent on 22. It's a big track, part of the early 2000s broken beat movement (that I don't really understand), a record I haven't know what to do with since I picked it up around 15 years ago. It mixes OK with Kordman (I think) & is a lovely way to close a set.

Alright it's past 11 PM here so it's time to stop writing. Thanks for listening, if you like what you hear then please use the tracklist links above & consider supporting the artists, pick up an EP or album. I'll be back next week, Thursday evening, with something slower, as usual.


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