MTT 270 / Far Shore

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MTT270 Spectrogram

Ambient, chunky beats, and IDM in the 90 and 80 BPM range today. This one features long tracks by Calimex Mental Implant Corp., Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza & SkyTwoHigh, San.dra, and Secret Frequency Crew. Winding down at the end of the month.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Rings Around Saturn / Mirage 00:00
02. San.Dra / No Signal In Paradise 03:12
03. The Aesthetics / Temptations 07:42
04. Calimex Mental Implant Corp. / Jean Luc Picard's Cucumber Station 10:09
05. Paul Blackford / Helix 15:00
06. Jega / Geometry 17:28
07. J. Wiltshire / Lumb 21:38
08. ILS / Flame Out 24:06
09. Fanu / Nighttime In The North 26:42
10. Eliot Lipp / My Environments 30:20
11. DJ Wally / Ridiculous Sound 34:21
12. Pete Rock / What You Waiting For 37:24
13. Jean Nine / Designed For You 41:32
14. Coco Bryce / Suzume 44:47
15. Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza & SkyTwoHigh / Northwest Skyline 46:28
16. Secret Frequency Crew / Black Moss Caves Part 1 52:32
17. Frequent C / Haze 57:16

Nothing too new this week I'm afraid, looking at the list I think the re-released #9 Nighttime In The North by Fanu and #15 Northwest Skyline by Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza & SkyTwoHigh are the most recent tracks. I wrote a little about the first of those two (Fanu's Old Tracker Stuff) last week, and the latter is one of my surprise favs from 2021, an album I keep returning to and is very much worth a listen.

I've linked above to Forest Of The Echo Downs by Secret Frequency Crew as the source of track #16 Black Moss Caves Part 1 since that's what's available online. I'm actually playing it from the old Black Moss EP on Touchin' Bass, a record I love a lot & always want to play when I'm at this tempo. At some point I need to pick up the full Echo Downs album.

I'm fading pretty fast so show notes are short this week. Thanks for listening, check out the links above if you like what you hear, and apologies if the volume levels are a little uneven. I'll be back next week at my usual time, Thursday evening, with another mix. Something faster for the start of May.


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