MTT 233 / Movement Through Thought (2)

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MTT233 Spectrogram

Mid 2000s Florida breaks, electro, and some more recent electro-bass. There are a few new(ish) tracks in this hour from Code Rising, Exzakt, and Gucci Bass, but most of this is old, Exceleration and Frajile records, some of my absolute favorites.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Silicon / Electron Flow 00:00
  2. Hydraulix / Krunk 02:32
  3. Exzakt / Electro Schematic 05:41
  4. Code Rising / Beat Machines 08:12
  5. T.E.S.T. & Excel / Don't Try This At Home 11:34
  6. JR10 / If You Wanna Survive 14:41
  7. Sound Chasers / Sonar 17:33
  8. Brice Kelly / Phony Tech Support 21:37
  9. Resident Alien / Movement Through Thought 26:38
  10. Gucci Bass / Panther 31:10
  11. DJ Baby Anne / Probe 34:31
  12. DJ Infiniti / Running Away 36:55
  13. DJ Billy E / Electro Kraft 41:56
  14. Xerodefx / Fatal Brain Reactions 43:57
  15. Brice Kelly / New Awareness 47:30
  16. Exzakt / Futureshock 51:02
  17. Xerodefx / Onya 53:55
  18. Echosphere / Pulse 57:00
  19. Silicon / Silc Worm 59:09

Track #3 Electro Schematic by Exzakt, track #4 Beat Machines by Code Rising, and track #10 Panther by Gucci Bass are all new ("new" meaning 2018 and later). Track #12 Running Away by Infiniti is from the recently remastered-for-digital release on Altered Nation Recordings. Track #6 JR10's If You Wanna Survive is a bit older - 2011 - but is new to me (just picked it up yesterday).

Of the artists featured in this mix I know Brice Kelly, Code Rising, Exzakt and Gucci Bass are active right now. Kelly put out two albums last year: Data To Dust and Programmed By Man. Code Rising just released a new album, A Spectral Odyssey. Exzakt is pretty busy on his bandcamp and has appeared on recent compilations (like with Electro Schematic). Hydraulix is active also through their label Kuad Recordings (look for Ash Rock and JimiTheGenius). Frajile Records is also doing things, releasing new bass music through bandcamp pretty frequently.

This mix is in part a re-hash or re-work of MTT 026 from 2017. The run from track 14 thru 17 in particular is pretty close to what it was in 026. Looking back now I've been playing some of these tracks together for a decade or more. (It was legit difficult to not play No Disgrace In The Bass by T.E.S.T. & Excel right after track 9 Movement Through Thought 'cause that's how I always play it...).

Something I don't say often enough, but: If you like these tracks, if you like this style, then please check out the artists at the links above and show them some support, maybe pick up an EP or two.

I'll be back next week Thursday evening as usual with another mix. I'm thinking something faster, might dig into the Control Tower catalog again. Thanks to everybody out there listening, thanks to everybody out there reading.


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