MTT 167 / Transfer Lane

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MTT167 Spectrogram

Another grab bag. 140 BPM Electro and Techno Bass. New pieces from Astrophonica, Lobster Theremin, TRUST, and Typeless.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Lerosa / Loss (Remix) 00:00
  2. Scape One / Electro Plasma System 03:57
  3. Chromatix / Assembler 08:44
  4. Grammar Of Movement / Plastic Games 11:04
  5. AtWil / Terra-Form 15:06
  6. Axiom 23 / 200 Days 17:11
  7. DJ Di'jital / 808 Kits 20:27
  8. J. Shaw / Jupiter Funk 22:20
  9. DJ Godfather / Under The Abyss 25:36
  10. Turk Turkelton / All Colours Are Beautiful (1312 Mix) 28:10
  11. Ubahnrider / Emulator 32:07
  12. Andrew Red Hand / 8000 KM To Go 34:43
  13. Aux 88 / Don't Stop It 36:48
  14. Shawescape Renegade / Space Sailing 40:28
  15. Client_03 / 1nce Again 43:13
  16. Drox / Burn Notice 45:57
  17. Photodementia / ATP4 47:44
  18. Raw Takes / Shake Junt 50:09
  19. DMX Krew / Adrenalin Flow (12" Edit) 52:52
  20. Cybonix / Shake Yo Body 56:02
  21. Cybotron / Cosmic Raindance 58:17

Track #11 Emulator by Ubahrider and track #18 Shake Junt by Raw Takes are both from the new Phalanx Pt. 3 compilation on Typeless Records. Track #10 All Colours Are Beautiful by Turk Turkelton is also from Typeless, on 2019's Phalanx Pt. 1. The Phalanx comps are full of fast (135+) clubby electro and techno. I don't recognize most of the names on these comps; either Typeless is doing a good job of featuring new artists or I'm out of the loop. All three are currently pay-what-you-want, so go check 'em out at the links above.

Two tracks by J. Shaw feature here: #8 Jupiter Funk and #14 Space Sailing under his Shawescape Renegade alias. The two releases at the Shawescape Renegade bandcamp and in particular his Tec-Troit compilation are some of my favorite releases of the last few years. Proper new Detroit electro and techno bass of the kind Aux 88, Godfather, UR, etc. make.

I don't have too much to say about this one, so I'll close by calling out a few new tracks here. The Grammar Of Movement tune is new from Lobster Theremin, came out in March. DJ Di'jital's 808 Kits is from last year's ElectroHop1 EP on TRUST. Client_03's 1nce Again is from their Hope Repeater EP on Astrophonica, also from last year. The rest of this selection is old bits and pieces, vinyl and downloads.

And now I'm all commented out. I picked up a whole bunch of TRUST recently so I'll be playing a lot of that in the coming weeks; more electro, maybe more breaks.


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