MTT No. 074 / Mudfoot

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MTT074 Spectrogram

Downtempo, instrumental hiphop, ambient, etc. Swampy beats.
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This show (like most of MTT Year 2) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Neotropic / Girls At The Seaside 00:03
  2. Neotropic / New Cross 00:32
  3. The Future Sound Of London / Her Face Forms In Summertime 05:45
  4. Rising Sun Systems / I Was Born In A Valley Of Freaks 09:00
  5. Necros / Dirty Walk 13:03
  6. Voigt Kampff / Move That Fishy Body 16:17
  7. Coco Bryce / Hotaru 18:25
  8. Luke Vibert / Music Called Jazz 20:42
  9. Red Snapper / Bussing 24:03
  10. Hong Kong Express / Deja Vu 28:57
  11. Hong Kong Express / Watching 30:58
  12. DJ Krush / 85 Loop 32:51
  13. Coco Bryce / Kyoko 34:55
  14. We™ / Rain In Spain 36:29
  15. U.N.I. / Swamp Thing 38:34
  16. Jacob / Scene 3 42:32
  17. Cylob / Jeepin' 44:03
  18. Secret Frequency Crew / Black Moss Caves Part 1 45:57
  19. Neotropic / Joe Luke 51:21

The two opening tracks and the closing track are from Neotropic's excellent album White Rabbits. I picked up the 2xLP release in a used bin about five years ago; it took several years for me to appreciate it. Now I love it - Joe Luke, in particular is awesome. I don't see Neotropic talked about often enough. I have their first two albums and White Rabbits, and they're all good. There's even a new album, The Absolute Elsewhere, released just a few days ago.

About halfway into selecting music for this set I noticed a swamp & monsters theme. The songs Swamp Thing, Fishy Body, Valley Of Freaks, Moss Caves, etc. As I said on COM, I like to think the character Swamp Thing would appreciate this music.

I have only one major complaint with this mix: the transition from 85 Loop to Kyoko should have been done differently. But I can live with that. Not bad for a few hours of prep and very little sleep.


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