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MTT 178 / Just What You Have

Posted 2020-07-26. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, audio download, disco, dj mix, house, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, radio, techno.

MTT178 Spectrogram

Techno, house, and disco for a change of pace. A mishmash of Dutch, Detroit, whatever I had laying around.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

This post was updated on 2020/10/13.

  1. Hadamard / Earth Is An Oasis 00:00
  2. Raiders Of The Lost Arp / Arrival 01:50
  3. Legowelt / The Soul Of A City 05:08
  4. Coil / The Snow 09:57
  5. $tinkworx / Calimari 12:54
  6. D.I.E. / Dutch Friends 17:08
  7. Luke Hess / There Is Hope 20:35
  8. Omar-S / Flying Blind 23:47
  9. Transparent Sound & Scape One & Karoshi / Solid Grooves 28:11
  10. Will Hofbauer / Idris 31:46
  11. Zwart Licht Kommando / The Other One 36:32
  12. Orgue Electronique / Panic At Charles De Gaulle 40:15
  13. Juan Atkins / I Love You 42:53
  14. Men Of Science / Acid Dawn 47:01
  15. Skatebård / June Nights South Of Siena 50:17
  16. Galaxy Toobin' / The Day Of The Duel Is Approaching 55:05

Not too much to say about this one. I think the only new(ish) track here is the bouncy Idris by Will Hofbauer from 2018's NV017 on Neo Violence. The rest of this mix is old favorites. Legowelt's Soul Of A City, The Snow by Coil, The Day Of The Duel Is Approaching by Galaxy Toobin', to name a few.

Dutch Friends by D.I.E. (Detroit In Effect) is what probably inspired this mix. I love that track, and I love its video, but only just recently picked up a digital copy of it on Clone WCS MAP 003. I've never seen any of the original M.A.P. vinyl in record stores in Portland, not sure why.

And that's what I've got this week. I'll be back on Thursday the 30th (in my timezone, anyway) to play something chill.

Shoutout to the Men Of Science.

MTT 165 / Carrying Capacity

Posted 2020-04-25. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, audio download, breaks, dj mix, electro, house, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, radio, techno.

MTT165 Spectrogram

Breaks, electro, techno; continuing the theme of the last few weeks. The middle of this is maybe too subdued, but I'm happy with the hour overall.

Due to technical difficulties this show did not air on aNONradio as planned. It was recorded a day later and has been uploaded to this website (, mixcloud, (my friend's server), and The spectrogram above now links to the mp3 file on

This post was updated on 2020/10/12.

  1. ADJ & Pathic / Scenario 00:01
  2. Dj HasH / Rumbo A Eddion 03:43
  3. MAS 2008 / World's Passing By 06:13
  4. Popkomm / Input 10:20
  5. =UHU= / Magic Computer 13:21
  6. Lowfish / Ripped 17:08
  7. Mitch Murder / Coup de Théâtre 20:51
  8. DMX Krew / PH-830 24:56
  9. Echo 106 / Dark Strings 27:44
  10. Camomile Dawn / Louise 31:55
  11. Mikron / Re-Entry 35:13
  12. Marco Bernardi / Super Deep Voices 39:17
  13. Peshka / Averuna 42:37
  14. Enertia-sound / Electrostatic 48:16
  15. Carl Finlow / Out Of Time 53:20
  16. Namlook / Music For Urban Meditation Part III 58:00

Two tracks from the NV020 compilation on Neo Violence feature in this mix: #10 Louise by Camomile Dawn and #13 Averuna by Peshka. I've been playing both NV020 and NV017 a lot lately, and recommend both (and Neo Violence in general).

But I came here this week to play Carl Finlow's classic Out Of Time. I think I first heard Out Of Time in a mix DJ Xed put out on the old forums. It's on the Electrilogy+ CD, a compilation of the three Electrilogy 12"s that were released on Device in 2001 and 2002. (Plus a few extra tracks, as the name suggests). Mr. Finlow has Electrilogy+ available on his bandcamp with an extended mix of Out Of Time, and it's worth every penny. I've been waiting to play it here; this felt like the right moment.

Last thing I'll say, I generally dislike Synthwave but I love Mitch Murder's work, particularly the album After Hours. It has multiple cool electro pieces on it; that's where track #7 Coup de Théâtre comes from. If you're like me and Synthwave isn't your thing, give After Hours a shot.

And that's it. I'll be back next week (hopefully live on the radio again) with something slower to close out the month.

MTT 160 / Involuntary Recall

Posted 2020-03-20. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, audio download, dj mix, dub techno, house, movement through thought, music, radio, techno.

MTT160 Spectrogram

More techno, dub techno, and a little house. Music to space out to while you consider your next move.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix.

This post was updated on 2020/10/17.

  1. Audiokonstrukte / Some Miles 00:00
  2. Zzzzra / Sumo 03:29
  3. James Ulibarri / Buried In Snow 06:48
  4. Unknown / Untitled 07 [UKNWN02 03] 11:18
  5. Roberto Figus / The Natural 16:59
  6. Overcast Sound / Snow Melt 20:51
  7. Marco Bernardi / Keep On Looking 25:11
  8. Bipolardepth / Untitled [ML056 02] 29:35
  9. Simoncino / Baila Baiana 34:07
  10. Mikron / Ghost Node 36:54
  11. JGarrett / Vaporizer (Jonah Sharp Remix) 41:56
  12. Zwart Licht Kommando / Flare (Acid Mix) 46:09
  13. Sinousity / Alfanuosity 50:00
  14. Tones On Tail / You, The Night, And The Music 55:21
  15. Newworldromantic / Spirit 58:01

Two more tracks from Motorlab feature this week: Sinuosity's Alfanuosity and Bipolardepth's Untitled from ML056 Soundtest. Soundtest is particularly good and cohesive, with Bipolardepth's track being in my opinion the best on the release.

Mikron's Ghost Node, from their album Severance on CPU Records, is my current favorite from this list. Ghost Node has a peculiar moody disco vibe, something I associate with old Legowelt or Orgue Electronique, old Bunker, Clone, or Crème. Severance is easily my favorite album of 2019, so go check it out (please).

All these tracks are good of course (I mean, I like 'em), even if the selection doesn't quite hang together right. It was a fun and welcome distraction on a troubling Thursday evening.

I'll be live again on the 26th with something slower; blog post to follow as usual.

MTT 158 / To All Patrolling Air Units

Posted 2020-03-06. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, audio download, dj mix, house, movement through thought, music, photo, radio, techno.

MTT158 Spectrogram

Selections from the Megatech Body CD (AKA the Ghost In The Shell PSX soundtrack) and the two Ghost In The Shell Tribute albums from 2004. Fast techno, 130 to 140 BPM.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix.

This post was updated on 2020/10/17.

  1. Oliver Ho / The Vision 00:00
  2. System 7 vs. Derrick May / Big Sky City 02:24
  3. Dave Angel / Can U Dig It? 07:36
  4. Sam Reeve / Tachikoma Beat Showcase 11:09
  5. Hardfloor / Spook & Spell (Fast Version) 14:36
  6. Brother From Another Planet / Ishikawa Surfs The System 18:32
  7. Joey Beltram / The Vertical 21:58
  8. WestBam / Moonriver 26:59
  9. Bryan Zentz / Interfaced 29:50
  10. Kabuto / No Brain 34:04
  11. Scan X / Higher [Listed on the packaging as "Reflections"] 37:46
  12. Mijk Van Dijk / Soul Survivor 41:58
  13. Shin Nishimura / Disorder 45:40
  14. Q-Hey / Man Machine 48:24
  15. Takkyu Ishino / Ghost In The Shell 51:01
  16. Brother From Another Planet / Section 9 Theme 56:41

This mix is entirely comprised of tracks from three compilations. First: the 1997 Megatech Body.CD, the 2 disc limited edition, better known as the soundtrack to the Ghost In The Shell playstation video game. Second: the 2004 Ghost In The Shell Tribute Album. Third: the Ghost In The Shell Tribute Album Ver 2.0.0, also from 2004.

Wikipedia tells me that Takkyu Ishino produced the soundtrack album, and it's a terrific sampling of Detroit, European, and Japanese techno. The selection on the two tribute albums is similar, but updated for 2004. Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig was airing on TV roughly when the two tribute albums were released, so they may have been tie-in or promotional products.

So, these three albums are amazing. From the artists assembled, to the particular tracks, to the packaging and art direction. Way more hits than misses. A lot of great tracks didn't make it into this hour: CJ Bolland's tunes (as BCJ), The Advent's tunes, Adam Beyer... I tried hard to get Mijk Van Dijk's Fuchi Koma in, but couldn't find a spot for it. Maybe next time.

I bought these discs on eBay in '05 or '06 and unfortunately mine are bootlegs. Specifically the Ever Anime bootleg of the Megatech Body CD, and the Miya Records bootlegs of the first and second Tribute albums. I've wanted to record a mix of these tracks since then, and am happy to have done it now. I'll close with some blurry photos of the cover art and back tray art of my bootleg editions; be sure to click through the tracklist links above to check out the official art too.

Oh, and feel free to fast forward past my absentminded rambling at the beginning of the recording. I spent way too long introducing the show this time.

Blurry photo of the bootleg Megatech Body.CD poster

Bootleg Megatech Body.CD cover art Bootleg GITS Tribute cover Bootleg GITS Tribute Ver 2.0.0 cover
Bootleg Megatech Body.CD back tray art Bootleg GITS Tribute back tray art Bootleg GITS Tribute Ver 2.0.0 back tray art

MTT 146 / A Winter Rotation

Posted 2019-12-13. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, audio download, dj mix, electro, house, movement through thought, music, radio, techno.

MTT146 Spectrogram

Electro, house, and techno. Some loose mixing this week, working out a few ideas.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix.

This post was updated on 2020/10/18.

  1. Nathan Solo / Forgotten Scent 00:00
  2. B12 / Scriptures 02:50
  3. CRC / Influence Device 001 06:47
  4. PMA / Hek 09:39
  5. Carl Finlow / Wafer Thin 14:48
  6. Dr. Futurist / Surface Integral 19:09
  7. Drexciya / Surface Terrestrial Colonization 21:58
  8. Das Muster / Zeittunel 27:16
  9. Luke Eargoggle / Fritzland 29:06
  10. XY0815 / Pseudo Bavaria 31:44
  11. Marco Bernardi / Plat+Form 34:47
  12. Herr Wacher / Spatial 38:05
  13. Scape One / Moody Diversion 41:55
  14. Stingray313 / NKKK4_2 44:59
  15. Peletronic / Panorama 47:30
  16. Legowelt / DX Days 50:09
  17. Zwart Licht Kommando / Wind Turbine 54:07

The excellent Brokntoys label features again with three tracks, specifically the run from track 9 through 11. XY0815's Pseudo Bavaria is my favorite of those three. It goes well with the kind of angular, stiff, kick-on-1-and-3 electro represented here by Eargoggle's Fritzland.

Track 4, Hek by PMA, is another piece from Pure Space's PS001.2. It's bright and kind of unruly; a lot of fun. It's going to be hard to not play every cut from that release on this show...

This was an okay set. I wish I hadn't flubbed that mix into Surface Terrestrial Colonization. That record usually gives me trouble. But, as always, the tracks are good. Next week will probably be the yearly demoscene show, expect some weird tunes.

Logical Aggression @ Ground Kontrol / September 2019

Posted 2019-09-26. Permalink. Tagged breaks, disco, electro, ground kontrol, house, idm, logical aggression, music, synthpop, techno.

Megaphysics and I played our regular monthly night at Ground Kontrol Arcade yesterday. There was no theme this time, so we riffed on what we've been listening to.

I took the first half of the night, playing electro, IDM, techno, and maybe a little house. Here's my playlist:

  1. Franck Kartell / Unalaska Island ~9:00 PM
  2. Minor Science / Volumes
  3. Balil / Whirling Of Spirits
  4. Plaid / Scoobs In Colombia
  5. Minor Science / Another Moon
  6. Reedale Rise / Kae
  7. Lowfish / Fatblex
  8. Delayscape / Velux
  9. Indulin / Strangeness
  10. XY0815 / End Of Your Orbit
  11. Tusken Raiders / Sexy Sandpeople
  12. Subscriber / As If
  13. Koova / Words Of Wisdom
  14. Nullptr / AFTRMTH
  15. Aux 88 / Welcome To Avolon
  16. Sync 24 / Memory Bubble
  17. Pip Williams / Lost Souls
  18. DJ Life / The Room
  19. Jauzas The Shining & G13ck / Proton
  20. Novamen / There's No Escaping
  21. Jega / Post Mid Arc
  22. Sonar Base / Photon Filters
  23. Andrew Red Hand / Space Encounter
  24. Silicon Scally / Informatics
  25. E.M.S. / Close Encounters
  26. T.E.S.T. / This And That
  27. Reiner Mauch / Electro Music
  28. J. Shaw / Jupiter Funk
  29. Rutherford / Spoken Word
  30. Hydraulix / Robocop
  31. Sonar Base / Sonar Base #10
  32. Solitary Dancer / Paradise Found
  33. Morphology / Spacetime Interval
  34. Drexciya / Universal Element
  35. The Other People Place / Lifestyles Of The Casual
  36. Gosub / Mind Travel Method
  37. LFO / You Have To Understand
  38. Trackman / Smoothing
  39. Dark Matrix / Untitled [LSF007 A3]
  40. Forgemasters / Track With No Name
  41. Herr Wacher / Spatial
  42. Omar S & Shadow Ray / Oasis Nine
  43. Zwart Licht Kommando / Teletext
  44. Ectomorph / Agate
  45. Brother Blue / Automatic Writing

Megaphysics took over at this point. Here's what he played:

  1. Super Drama / New Graces ~11:30 PM
  2. Pixelord / Love Is (Coco Bryce Rave To The Slythm Mix)
  3. DJ Plead / Crush and Burn
  4. The Moderator / Insync
  5. Patience / White Of An Eye
  6. Maurice & Charles / Sofa Love
  7. Cli-N-Tel / 2030 (Blotnik Brothers Remix)
  8. Coco Bryce / Pac Man
  9. RX-101 / Warm Electronics Box
  10. I.O.S. / T.D.M. (Tech Dance Music)
  11. Boy Harsher / Come Closer
  12. M.S.L. / Alva C
  13. Unlisted Artist / Untitled
  14. Electro Music Union / Liquid Lover
  15. DJs Friction & Spice / Future Funk
  16. Rhys Fulber / My Church
  17. DJ Plead / Salt and Pepper
  18. Metavari / Josie’s Lament (Mill Fire)
  19. Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch / Blue Frank
  20. Transilvanian Galaxi / Atle
  21. Photonz / Mysteric Teachings
  22. Craig Bratley / 99.9% (Andrew Weatherall's 100% Remix)
  23. Jade 4U / The Early Train
  24. Front 242 / Take One (Re-Built)
  25. Fleetwood Mac / Everywhere (Psychemagik Remix)
  26. Mr. Fingers / Can You Feel It
  27. Neil Young / Mr. Soul
  28. Funsize Jonny / Diode 36
  29. Coco Bryce / Panini Shuffle
  30. Erik Travis / Eddie
  31. Textasy / They’re Trying To Control My Mind
  32. Fit Of Body / Ridin 2 That Trap or Die
  33. Kedr Livanskiy / Ariadna (ариадна)
  34. joergmueller / Ftv#5
  35. Cetu Javu / A Donde (Razormaid Mix)
  36. Marcello Giordani / Oh! Superman (Disco Spacer Mix)

And that's it! It was a good night. Thanks to Megaphysics for holding it down, to everyone in attendance for hanging out, and to Ground Kontrol for having us.