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I guess this is my version of an end-of-year media wrap-up. I often forget to log things so my lists are spotty / incomplete. Still a fun exercise though.'s avatar image // / 111675932414442472 Origin link. Source file.
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I didn't read many books this year but I did watch a few movies and a little TV:

I try to keep lists like this for books, movies/TV, and music purchases, even if I don't have anything interesting to say. (Stale takes, bad opinions, etc.).'s avatar image // / 111628797022596549 Origin link. Source file.
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41 now. Another year done and ready to be filed away.'s avatar image // / 111545920690597159 Origin link. Source file.
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looks like this year's North American MTG Eternal Weekend just started & there's live match coverage of the vintage tournament today:

Eternal Weekend 2023 NA Vintage Championship | Day 1 - Swiss

cardtitan went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Magic: The Gathering VOD now.


If you've ever wanted to see people play decks worth enough for a down payment on a house this is the time.