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  1. John Wick (2014), dir. Chad Stahelski. Rewatch. I noticed more care & attention to detail in the script and writing this time, humor and foreshadowing I hadn't caught before. Delivers handsomely on the promise of Wick violently avenging his dog. Having said that I'm a little tired of some of the cliches on offer here, even some of the worldbuilding. Love the casting, particularly the smaller roles (Ian McShane! Daniel Bernhardt!). I should watch the sequels some time.
  2. Sorceress (1982), dir. Jack Hill. A Roger Corman produced swords & sorcery movie. Low budget (as you might expect). Goofy. '80s fantasy vibes, think Deathstalker and the like. Watched while reading a bunch of FTEQW-related source code. Watching because Twitch Of The Death Nerve recently talked about swords & sorcery films.


  1. Strip Club DJ's (2003), dir. Derrick Beckles. Documentary about strip club DJs (as the title implies). Hell vibes. I've run into people who do this kind of work and it's always sounded tough to me. Gnarly. Watched a pretty bad rip of a VHS tape on youtube.
  2. Psychic Vision: Jaganrei (1988), dir. Teruyoshi Ishii (and notably written by Chiaki J. Konaka). Wrote a bit about it (way too much actually) in this post to the fediverse.


  1. Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2nd Gig (2004), episodes 22-26. This is the good stuff. The Patlabor 2: The Movie stuff (see for example the discussion between Gouda and Batou on the rooftop in episode 22). Politically thorny. There's a lot you could nitpick here, "plotholes" and things that are a little too convenient, but none of it bothers me much. This is the best that made-for-TV Ghost In The Shell gets, I think.
  2. Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2nd Gig (2004), episodes 17-21. One thing I appreciate about season 2 and this run of episodes in particular is that we get to see Section 9 (our protagonists) lose. Those losses build to the end of episode 21 I think, where thru happenstance and planning they get massively outplayed. It's good. And it sets up the end of the series really well.
  3. Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2nd Gig (2004), episodes 5-16. Watched over the last few days. I like that this season feels more grounded, that the world feels more alive. There seem to be significant events happening inbetween the episodes, off camera so to speak. Now maybe that's due to budget or time or some other constraint but I like the effect regardless. Anyway, just a stray thought, these episodes are really good.


  1. Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2nd Gig (2004), episodes 1-4. I was right, I do still like the second season way more. Already this feels much more assured, clear, compact, complex than the first season. The political machinations remind me of the second Patlabor movie. I read somewhere that Oshii had some involvement with this season, I wonder how much. There are a few neat correlations between the first four episodes of this season and the first season, the one that comes to mind immediately is the Breathless-referencing episode in S1 and the Taxi Driver episode in S2. Both good episodes IMO. Whenever I rewatch these again I should do episode-by-episode writeups.
  2. Ghost In The Shell: SAC (2002), episodes 9-26. Watched over the last few days. It's been close to ten years since I last saw SAC, during which time I read the comic (1 and 1.5 in the hardcover editions published by Kadokawa). Finishing this first season confirmed my earlier suspicion that yeah this does feel more like the comic and feels cartoon-y in general. It's good and a lot of it still affects me the same way it did before (rest in peace Tachikomas) but I find the balance and focus of the '95 film way more interesting. Next up: the second season, 2nd Gig.
  3. Ghost In The Shell: SAC (2002), episodes 5-8. I don't know why I've never asked the question, but: this is a superhero team, right? If not literally then it might as well be. Anyway the overarching story kicks off with eps 4-6; I remember most of it, but not all.
  4. Ghost In The Shell: SAC (2002), episodes 1-4. Starting a rewatch. Have a lot of thoughts about the show, not sure how much I'll relay here. As an adaptation I think this is closer to the comics than Oshii's films; I prefer those films (1995 & 2004). Motoko's outfit is pretty silly.