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MTT200 Spectrogram

The fourth annual Movement Through Thought tracker music mix. Late '90s, mostly XMs and ITs; breakbeat, DnB, and IDM, all on the more ambient end of the scale.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Basehead / Shades Of Night II 00:00
  2. Orbital / The Girl With The Sun In Her Head (Necros's Shadow Caster Mix) 01:53
  3. Mikroloop / Flowers Don't Grow In Concrete 07:15
  4. Melvyl / Disfigured 10:10
  5. H.Kyllönen / Qap19 13:14
  6. Norfair / Alive Evil 16:03
  7. RS3 / Mute 18:04
  8. Xhale / Red Smoke 19:19
  9. Mikroloop / Things You Like To Hear 22:43
  10. Dune / Astral Ian Breakside 26:10
  11. a/oc / Jean9's Striking String Melody Meets Retro Techno In Kirkkokatu Style 28:17
  12. Phonex / Gleefully Marooned Grin 31:35
  13. Darkhalo / Midnight Snowfall 33:51
  14. Dune / I'm A Ram 37:13
  15. Krii / So Cold 40:40
  16. an0va / Recognize 43:57
  17. Jean Nine / Flowerfield 47:03
  18. Yolk / Temple Of Sun 50:36
  19. RJV / Danny Saved My Life 52:56
  20. Tyree / Impala 55:55

Alright, I have too much to say about this list so let's go through it track-by-track, stream of consciousness, faux Blogariddims style.

We start with two tracks from Five Musicians members. First is a small piece of the intro from Basehead's 19 minute long Shades Of Night II. Second is Necros's classic Shadow Caster, his remix of Orbital's The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, both the original and remix from 1996. In Sides is my favorite Orbital album and this Shadow Caster remix is one of my favorite Impulse Tracker mods. It captures the tone of the original really well; it's impressive work.

Track 3 Flowers Don't Grow In Concrete by Mikroloop is from their Carmen Elektra EP on Fridge, a nice electro-breaks tune. Melvyl's Disfigured is the first from Hellven in this hour and moves the mix to a more abstract sound. Track 5 Qap19 by H.Kyllönen on the netlabel Milk was an auto-include the moment I heard it. It's pitched down -6% to get it to fit, but sounds just as good slow in my opinion. Tough beats and bleeps.

Norfair's Alive Evil is a loose file I picked up from, and shifts the mix again, this time closer to the traditional mod music sound. It's funky, has a fun lead and a good break, works for me. Track 7 is about 60 seconds of Mute by RS3 of Hellven, shoehorned in here to take advantage of Alive Evil's drop to halftime. Xhale's Red Smoke is another loose file, a quiet recovery from Mute, used to build back up to track 9 Things You Like To Hear, the other half of Mikroloop's Carmen Elektra EP.

Number 10 Astral Ian Breakside by Dune is another chunky noisy IDM piece; we'll hear more from Dune in a few. The next two selections are both from the excellent netlabel Kyoto Republik: Jean9's Striking String Melody Meets Retro Techno In Kirkkokatu Style by a/oc and Gleefully Marooned Grin by Phonex. The a/oc track is a jam, even more chunky beats and a nice melody taken from Jean Nine's Libido Ceusel. Gleefully Marooned Grin is here to bring the energy down a bit and to set up a sneaky fade from 127 to 170.

13 is Midnight Snowfall, an ambient piece by Darkhalo, chosen for its high-pitched reverse synth noises similar to Necros's Shadow Caster from the beginning of the mix. Track 14 is our second from Dune, SAPA.S3M, titled I'm A Ram. I've been waiting years to play this. I love the synth arpeggio running through it, and one of the melodies lines up with the snares in the next track, so this felt like the perfect time.

Now we get to the drum & bass. Track 15 So Cold by Krii is the first of three tracks from the classic modgroup and netlabel Language Lab, an atmospheric drum & bass piece, it wouldn't be out of place on say Good Looking. Recognize by an0va is the most modern, most recently-released track here, a hybrid footwork and drum & bass tune released in 2016. I'm playing an export-to-wav of the .MOD file made with OpenMPT, which is why the panning is kind of wack. #17 Flowerfield by Jean Nine is our second and last tune from Milk, some "hardstepping mellow jungle" to quote the file's instrument comments.

Yolk's Temple Of Sun took 7th place in the multichannel music competition at Assembly 1995; one of the drum loop samples has a nice phase-fight with Flowerfield as it mixes in. The last two tracks are both Language Lab releases. RJV's Danny Saved My Life is another track in the Good Looking style, the Danny in question being of course LTJ Bukem. Tyree's Impala cuts the tempo in half, into triphop range, and brings the energy down to close out the mix.

And that's MTT 200. Sorry for rambling - this is way too long - but I couldn't pick just three or four releases to comment on. Shoutout to the Netlabel Archive for their good work making a lot of the track research much easier to do. Shoutout to adamd, dokuja, the other longtime listeners from aNONradio. Shoutout to the Tronix Crushing Crew. And final shoutout to Rb387, sorry I didn't work one of your pieces in here this time.

I'll be back next week with something for New Year's Eve; some old Viewlexx and some disco, maybe.


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