MTT 196 / How Much To Take, How Much To Give

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MTT196 Spectrogram

Relatively mellow beats for this last Thursday of November. Disco, electro, IDM. Floating in space at a tempo of about 110 BPM.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Danny Scrilla / Mechanical Fruit 00:00
  2. Zwart Licht Kommando / Waiting For You 01:53
  3. DJ R21 / Wired 05:58
  4. Mas 2008 / Fragile 09:10
  5. Kan3da / Romanticist 12:04
  6. XY0815 / The Square Of Any Planet 16:17
  7. Secret Frequency Crew / Neon Bridge 20:01
  8. Dune / Not Blue 24:23
  9. Metamatics / Dope For The Robot 27:27
  10. Jega / The Girl Who Fell To Earth 31:14
  11. The Sentinel & Miss Memory / R=V/I 34:37
  12. Aardvarck / Nozum (Attica Blues RMX) 37:40
  13. Ben Businovski / Song For A Cybernetic Amazon 42:33
  14. Phase For Stereo / Kensington Runestone (Cache Hauptland Remix) 45:11
  15. Raiders Of The Lost Arp / Bridge 48:23
  16. The Parallax Corporation / (Searching For A) Cybernetic Lover 51:27
  17. Trisomie 21 / Take The Shock Away 55:37
  18. Legowelt / Warm Technology Cottage 60:14

Dope For The Robot is played here from the original Ep.02 on Clear records. I've linked to a re-release compilation album that contains the song in the tracklist above. Metamatics are on my mind because they just put out a new album of old 96-98 material called Vogue Casio 96 over on their bandcamp. I've listened through Vogue Casio once and it seems very good, so I'll probably be playing some cuts from it on this program over the next few months.

The Traffic II compilation on Combination Records is a record I turn to whenever I'm out of ideas. The idea it presented to me this time is Aardvarck's Nozum (as remixed by Attica Blues). It appears that Nozum was first released as an EP on Delsin records in 2001; that's one I'll have to pick up if I ever see it used.

Trisomie 21's Take The Shock Away is from their 1989 LP Plays The Pictures. It's been a favorite of mine for a long time, a song I like to end sets with. The whole LP is full of short odd ambient sketches, with Take The Shock Away being the one outlier. I've played it a lot down at Ground Kontrol Arcade in Portland over the years, and I'm happy to see that Trisomie 21 have a digital version for sale on their website.

That's November done. This show was produced, and these show notes were written, in a slightly bigger hurry than normal. I hope nobody minds too much. I'll be back next week with something faster, as is my habit. (And be on the lookout for the annual tracker mod mix coming in three or four weeks).


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