MTT 195 / Last Transport

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MTT195 Spectrogram

Electro & techno around 120, featuring long tracks by Mikron and Silicon Scally.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. LAShTAL / The Fall 00:00
  2. Sonar Base / Arrival At Dwell Probe 04:35
  3. Jauzas The Shining / Depth 08:22
  4. VCS2600 / Antigravity Technology 11:18
  5. Silicon Scally / Pace 14:22
  6. Hajimari ft. Jai Tee / Untitled 19:42
  7. Mikron / Sunken Paths 23:09
  8. Vendor Refill / Blitter 29:11
  9. Ben Cohen / Entrance 31:56
  10. Low Orbit Satellite / Loo No Kot 36:22
  11. Den Wave / MJ (Remix) 40:52
  12. Inigo Kennedy / Cautum 44:44
  13. Voidloss / Continuum Mechanics 48:19
  14. Secus / Mystical Journey 52:40
  15. Brother Blue / Astral Momentum 57:01

The two long tracks mentioned are of course Pace by Silicon Scally (from his 2005 album Dark Matter) and Sunken Paths by Mikron from their album Severance out last year on CPU. Strong recommendation for those two; they're both worth longer review posts (which I'll write... eventually).

VCS2600's Antigravity Technology from their VCS2600 EP isn't listed at that link (it should be track 7), but I'm sure that's where I got it. Discogs says that it's a bonus track, and so I think it'll come with that bandcamp download. (Both it and the later The Future Of Communication are very much worth checking out for good cold distant machine music).

Secus's Mystical Journey from their Interlinked EP caps off this mix and concludes the ~20 minute techno segment at the end. Interlinked is pretty new by my standards, having come out January of this year. The whole EP is abstract, dark, hypnotic; the kind of techno I like.

And that's #195 done. I'll have another upload same time next week (Thursday evening Pacific time), something slower, as usual.


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