MTT 194 / Suspension

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MTT194 Spectrogram

A ~128 BPM selection for a stressful November week. Electro new and old with one odd ambient piece and one old techno track thrown in.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Motorunit / No Entry 00:00
  2. Sickboy / B Lives Matter 03:48
  3. EM + STAV / Orbit Groove 07:45
  4. DJ Life / The Room 11:16
  5. Transparent Sound / Sound Splash 15:49
  6. Silicon Scally / Toneworks 19:42
  7. Unknown Artist / Untitled [XX.3 A1] 24:29
  8. M_Step / Cold Dust 28:14
  9. Dimension 5 / Drift 31:59
  10. EM + STAV / Inner Space 35:20
  11. Permutation / Evolution 39:18
  12. Exhausted Modern / Attain Ataraxia 43:35
  13. Sepehr / Coup D'etat 46:11
  14. Jacen Solo / Zatoichi 49:54
  15. Legowelt / Words Are Spoken But Do Not Enlighten 52:37
  16. Lastrapink / Wavings 57:43

I picked up Sickboy's Lockdown EP this week and knew I had to play something from it. B Lives Matter makes the cut, appearing as track #2 in this mix. (I choose to interpret that track title as "Black Lives Matter" and not some other reading of "B"). I like that EP a lot, and it's new as of last month so check it out if you haven't already. (Just wish I would've played it a little louder).

Another recent purchase and source of inspiration this week is EM + STAV's Afterglow EP. Released in June on InterGraded, it's terrific, all four tracks are good. I let it sit in my bandcamp wishlist way too long. Two tracks from it feature here, #3 Orbit Groove and #10 Inner Space; the remaining two on the EP skew further towards weird techno.

The brief techno diversion at 24:30 is the A-side of XX.3, from the Molecular Recordings XX series. Originally released in 1999, now surprisingly available at the Molecular Recordings bandcamp as-of this year. I picked up XX.3 from 360 Vinyl's techno section around 15 years ago; I never thought I'd see or hear the rest of them. (I suspect the artist behind XX.3 is Inigo Kennedy but of course I don't know for sure).

Sepehr's Coup D'etat is also pretty new, from his album Shaytoon for Dark Entries. That's an LP with a lot of variety (particularly in tempo) but an overall cohesive sound. Love the acid lines on a lot of the tracks. (It also has my favorite album cover art of the year so far).

But yeah, good tunes all. This feels to me like a very November set. I'll be back next week at the same time (Thursday evening pacific timezone) with another upload, something slower, as usual.


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