MTT 172 / Wounded City

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MTT172 Spectrogram

Another ~130 BPM electro show, following on from last week. Less angry this time. Features three (new-to-me) tracks from TRUST and a couple old ones from Underground Resistance.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Boom Box / Strata 3 00:00
  2. Scan 7 / It's Time 02:47
  3. Paul Birken / Rokken Fishing Hole 07:28
  4. Elecktroids / Stun Gun 09:41
  5. DJ Glow / The City 12:20
  6. Dj HasH / Underground City 15:21
  7. Scape One / Syntax Morphing 18:18
  8. Urban Tribe / Eukariotic 21:16
  9. M_Step / Annabelle 24:42
  10. Vintage Future / Frequency Snowstorm (Jam Radar Mix) 28:39
  11. Pathic / Breakdown Recovery 32:27
  12. Neotropic / Electric Bud 35:09
  13. Grammar Of Movement / Model 1600 39:18
  14. DJ R21 / Machine City 42:00
  15. Miotek / My City (Mr. Velcro Fastener Remix) 44:12
  16. Sbles3plex / Al Límite Del Abismo 47:24
  17. UR / The Illuminator 51:33
  18. Reedale Rise / Wave Rider 55:48

The first thing I've got to address is: I skipped over Underground City by Dj HasH while reading out the tracklist at the end of the show. Sorry about that. It's on the album Rumbo A Eddion on Mars Frequency Records, available digitally at the link above, name-your-price.

Track 5 The City by DJ Glow, track 8 Eukariotic by Urban Tribe, and track 9 Annabelle by M_Step are all from the label TRUST, as mentioned. I'm still working my way through a big music haul from their bandcamp shop. Basically everything on TRUST is good, so go check it out.

Track 10 Frequency Snowstorm (Jam Radar Mix) and (of course) track 17 Illuminator by UR are from the legendary Underground Resistance collective. Beatport has a large chunk of UR's old back catalog available as digital downloads; that's the only place I'm aware of where you can purchase their old tracks (aside from picking up used vinyl). In any case, Illuminator is a classic, one that everyone should know. I'm very lucky to have found a used copy on vinyl.

Scan 7's It's Time is from their album Between Worlds released last year on Deeptrax. I became aware of it when Tec-Troit put it out as a single, which is what I played here and have linked to in the tracklist. I love It's Time, and this felt like a good moment to play it.

And that's it. I think I'll do something slower next week. 120 BPM, say.


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