MTT 134 / Three Spins

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MTT134 Spectrogram

A few tracks from Pyramid Transmissions, more new Brokntoys, and some odd break-y pieces.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Rings Around Saturn / Non Place 00:00
  2. Lone Shark / Aviation 02:04
  3. Reedale Rise / Gone Again 07:09
  4. DJ Life / The Room 10:20
  5. AFX / Backdoor.Berbew.Q 13:38
  6. Marco Bernardi / Voltsin 16:41
  7. Loyal Hardware / Dust 20:28
  8. Point Guard / The Xhase 24:54
  9. Coldcut / Timber 28:48
  10. Pavel / Karr 32:08
  11. Supreems / Broken (And Out Of Sync) 35:09
  12. Kemko / 1st Contact (Drew Progress Remix) 39:35
  13. Exhausted Modern / At The Edge Of Unknown Worlds 43:43
  14. Vetrix / NextPhaser-Leader1 47:42
  15. Ares Voo / Stelios 51:08
  16. Narcose & Orchid / Descrescent 54:26
  17. Psi Spy / Loco 58:43

This is an hour of cleaning up loose ends, of exhibiting a few old ideas before they are forgotten. There are a lot of highlights here, tracks I've been waiting to play.

DJ Life's The Room is something I discovered recently on one of Neo Violence's big compilations, I couldn't wait to play that one. Karr by Pavel, here as track 10, is from that same compilation.

Loyal Hardware's Dust kicks off the breakbeat-y middle of this mix. That's a great release, good enough I played a track off it last week too. The other big piece in the middle I haven't talked about yet is Pure Space's PS001.1. It's present here as track 8, The Xhase by Point Guard. I've played one other track from it, Microstructure by Reptant, a few months ago. It's a very good compilation EP, one I'm sure I'll return to on this show at least once more.

Another track I'll mention is #16 Descrescent by Narcose & Orchid. It's a progressive breaks (trance breaks?) tune I found in a used bin; it's good, maybe a little sappy, and reminds me of some of the spacey electro music of the last five or ten years. That might be a link worth pursuing, progressive/trance breaks and 2010s space electro.

I'll be back next week with something slower, something to relax with after playing the arcade.


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