MTT No. 098 / Groovy Trees

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MTT098 Spectrogram

A little old Rephlex and Warp this week, plus some breaks, electro, and IDM to fill out the show.

This show (like most of MTT Year 2) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Rising Sun / Ocean View 00:00
  2. Lone Shark / Float 6.3 01:58
  3. Plaid / Yak 06:21
  4. Metamatics / Man-q-Neons 10:22
  5. SCSI-9 / Silkworm 16:33
  6. Atypic / Jolly 20:10
  7. Reedale Rise / Eisrous 22:54
  8. Higher Intelligence Agency / Pinkgreen 26:42
  9. B12 / Bio Dimension 32:46
  10. LFO / Freeze 36:42
  11. Future Sound Of London / Omnipresence 39:47
  12. Caustic Window / Squidge In The Fridge 44:31
  13. Lastrapink / CHCINO 47:35
  14. D'Arcangelo / Sundart 50:47
  15. Creta Kano / Skyway Motel 53:51
  16. Speedy J / The FUN Equations 56:11

Every December I listen to Plaid's Android EP, Metamatics' Mind Mushing Git, and the Traffic II compilation on Combination Records. Those three albums inspired this selection... lots of old Rephlex and Warp, as I said above.

This was thrown together pretty quickly, a couple hours before broadcast. It works well enough, I think. The Sundart to Skyway Motel to FUN Equations run is particularly cool. I've played the slower (81 BPM?) version of Skyway Motel before, during MTT083. I wish I had timed the ending of this show better, though.


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