MTT No. 094 / Without Hesitation

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MTT094 Spectrogram

Electro and IDM this week. Working through some old favorites.

This show (like most of MTT Year 2) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Scape One / Shore Leave 00:00
  2. Paradroid / Capacitive Accelerometer Design 01:04
  3. Matt Whitehead / Lunashock 03:33
  4. Dangerous Frontiers / Twilight Of The Dragon 06:18
  5. The Exaltics / Mother Ship To Solaris 09:19
  6. üNN / Fear 12:34
  7. Silicon Scally / Proteus 15:05
  8. Monolove / Ra 19:22
  9. Lowfish / Glass and Spiders (Solvent Remix) 21:39
  10. Caro / Caro's Crystal Castle 24:12
  11. Lone Shark / Sinclair Space Age 26:43
  12. Autopilot / Tun Sie Es Jetzt Pt. 2 30:36
  13. LFO / Simon From Sydney 33:56
  14. Fresh Moods / Fever (Subtonal Remix) 37:00
  15. Blastromen / Le Nuclear Civil 39:34
  16. Radioactive Man / Uranium 43:24
  17. Neil Landstrumm vs. Tommy Akira Kiteshi / Retour de France 47:45
  18. The Parallax Corporation / Invasion 50:33
  19. Mandroid / Space Age Renegade 54:58
  20. Metamatics / Cityscape 58:18

Space Age Renegade, Invasion, and Uranium are all old favorites. Also Twilight Of The Dragon, though that's a more recent track. I'm genuinely surprised I hadn't played any of those before.

The combination of Glass And Spiders and Caro's Crystal Castle is something I had done before, specifically at the July show at Ground Kontrol this year. Adding Sinclair Space Age to that worked well, and there are a few other tracks that could be slotted in there besides. (Maybe Mr. Masutake by Scape One?).

The idea here was good but could have used more work. But, it was fun to mix, and I'm glad to have done it. Certainly glad to have played Invasion and the others.


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