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MTT No. 086 / The Nameless City

Posted by Cameron Vanderzanden on . Updated . Tags: ambient, anonradio, breaks, dj mix, electro, idm, industrial, movement through thought, music, radio, screenshot. Fediverse thread.

MTT086 Spectrogram

Ambient, electro, IDM, industrial... an odd mixture this week. Another grab-bag show.

This show (like most of MTT Year 2) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. NNYNYX / Slipgate 00:00
  2. Hadamard / Untitled [Bunker 3071 B3] 01:21
  3. Sonar Base / Blunted 02:44
  4. RS3 / A Vile Pattern 05:25
  5. Skinny Puppy / Dal 09:14
  6. Headscan / Lolife 14:01
  7. Haujobb / Trivial 18:11
  8. Ignatius / Eloper (Gasp Remix) 18:59
  9. Phoenecia / Eyebrow 21:55
  10. NNYNYX / A Thousand Young 26:51
  11. Uniflux / Hypaedrone 29:36
  12. Anthony Rother / Biomechanik (Internal Groove Mix) 33:48
  13. Poison Arrow / If You Don't Love Me (I'll Cut Your Face) (Razor Dub) 37:13
  14. DPO / Germ Cells 43:21
  15. Dark Vektor / Espeluztacular 45:45
  16. Shadowbunny / Varun Kai Physics 50:56
  17. Inkamera ft. Bogdan W. Rousseau / No Dead Men's Cries 55:49
  18. C/∆/T / Dull Hunger 58:24

If You Don't Love Me (I'll Cut Your Face) is my current favorite here. Something about the chopped vocal at the end reminds me of The Art Of Noise, in a good way. It's been out for about six months now, part of the excellent Pleasure District series on Exit Records UK.

I'm a bit braindead this week and don't feel like saying much, so I'll close with this:

Cropped screenshot of Quake 1 E4M8 'The Nameless City'


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