MTT No. 084 / Silver Sky

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MTT084 Spectrogram

"Dark" electro this week. Drivecom, Interdimensional Transmissions, Psi49net, Transient Force, etc.

This show (like most of MTT Year 2) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Shemale / Tomb 00:00
  2. Ekman / Coriolis Effect 01:13
  3. Boris Divider / RS-232 05:13
  4. Micro Controlled Corporation / Life Style 08:01
  5. Psylocity / Sky 13:45
  6. Anthony Rother / Nerthus 16:58
  7. Dietrich Schoenemann / Untitled [E-SERIES01 A1] 20:47
  8. Das Muster / Geheimabsprache 22:59
  9. Hadamard / Telemetry 25:36
  10. Shemale / Vampire 28:09
  11. Ectomorph / The Haunting 29:57
  12. Microthol / mod_electro_mix4 33:52
  13. Kan3da / Outputvector 37:12
  14. GD Luxxe / My Guiding Ghost 39:40
  15. Go Hiyama / World Game 42:03
  16. Collapsicon / Six 45:22
  17. Ra-X / 1987 49:03
  18. Franck Sarrio / Untitled [Bunker 3051 B1] 52:23
  19. Ectomorph / (We Have Come To) Destroy Your Powercenters 54:14
  20. Ekman / Ergosphere 55:55

I was mistaken in the intro: both the Shemale tracks included in this mix are from Hell Transformation Screens, their release on Last Known Trajectory. I absolutely love their music, and every October I dig it up to play. Also every October I'm confronted by (and disappointed with) their choice of name. They've just released a new album on Tabernacle Records after a five year hiatus; vinyl only, unfortunately.

Three tracks from the label Interdimensional Transmissions feature in this mix. I'm a big fan of IT, and of Ectomorph in particular. (and I've got both the shirt and the stack of records to prove it). Ectomorph are releasing a new album, Stalker, on the 31st; the samples sound gorgeous.

I'm happy with this one. Some real all-time favorite tracks made it in (The Haunting...) and on the whole the set came together well enough. Levels are a bit uneven (thinking of Destroy Your Powercenters), but I hope not annoyingly so.


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