MTT No. 062 / Hear Everything

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MTT062 Spectrogram

Electro this week. More space-y stuff and a bit of Scary Techno Vocals™.
Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

This show (like most of MTT Year 2) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Robot For Brains / Don't Worry Robot 00:00
  2. Monolake / Axis 02:01
  3. Miotek / My City 04:10
  4. Carl Finlow / Hardwired 09:05
  5. Pip Williams / Mode #7 12:47
  6. Morphology / Dust Solution 17:17
  7. Versalife / Cloaking Mod 22:15
  8. Dr. Futurist / Surface Integral 28:23
  9. London Modular Alliance / Their Discontent 31:53
  10. Silicon Scally / Clone Alone 33:53
  11. Gragee ft. 4th Genome / No Release 40:53
  12. Pip Williams / Lost Souls 43:53
  13. Plastikman / Ask Yourself (214 Refix) 47:52
  14. Morphology / Floating Point 50:58
  15. Ivna Ji / Oscillating Universe 56:09

Four tracks from the excellent Brokntoys label are featured this week. Specifically, the tunes by Pip Williams, Versalife, London Modular Alliance, and Ivna Ji. I've played a lot of Brokntoys over the last year and can't recommend their releases enough.

A couple of Carl Finlow (aka Silicon Scally) tracks made it in, too. Hardwired, which I have on a compilation on Longhaul, but was originally released on Device. And Clone Alone, from the album Dark Matter, one of my favorite electro long-players.

I don't remember how I found the version of Ask Yourself by Plastikman that's played here. Some kind of social media, I think. It appears to have been done by 214 as a promotion for his Plastic Spokes EP, according to XLR8R magazine. In any case, it's cool and gets us some more pitchshifted vocals.

I'm rambling at this point. This week's show was conceived at the last possible moment, mixed sloppily, and has some volume level problems. The tracks are good. Tea was consumed. I danced around like an idiot. Fun times for all.


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