MTT 325 / Internal Friction

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MTT325 Spectrogram

Woozy electro at around 120; playing an easy set this week. This mix features a few old tracks from Brokntoys, two tracks from Decima Circuits (Cottage Industries 10), and a bunch of old favorites.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. MicroControlUnit / Kosmo Tanssi 00:00
02. Jo Johnson / Coarse Materials 03:30
03. XY0815 / End Of Your Orbit 07:57
04. Lowfish / fatBlex 11:29
05. Delayscape / Velux 14:53
06. Tade / Space Momentum 19:41
07. Dan White / Ghost Train 23:41
08. Mikron / Aurora Unit 28:50
09. dbacon / HACJ 56 32:57
10. Luke Eargoggle / In Your Pyramid 35:34
11. Inigo Kennedy / In My Bubble I Float 39:34
12. Vagon Brei / Ascension 43:42
13. Juno Lazermachine / Imandra Lake Beauty 47:02
14. Carl Finlow / Odyssey 50:38
15. Beta Consciousness / Past Never Ends 56:39

Track #3 End Of Your Orbit by XY0815 and track #7 Ghost Train by Dan White (which discogs tells me is Rings Around Saturn) are both from Brokntoys. Older pieces, 2017 and 2016 respectively.

Track #6 Space Momentum by Tade and #15 Past Never Ends by Beta Consciousness are both from the Decima Circuits (Cottage Industries 10) compilation on Neo Ouija. I picked up a couple of these Cottage Industries comps last year & am still digging through them, really excellent stuff.

This was arranged as an easy, comfortable mix. Most of these are tracks that I've been playing for years (and most are the same tempo). It's difficult to pick out any one thing in particular; I'll say instead that everything here is good and worth your consideration. (And maybe someday I'll come back and write up more of these selections, I dunno.)

That wraps up this installment. If you like what you hear then please consider supporting the artists and labels featured; the links above will take you to where you can find and/or purchase these tracks and releases. I'll be back next week with another mix, something slower to close the month, maybe some tunes from the one Space Night comp I have.


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