MTT 316 / Not Always Empty

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MTT316 Spectrogram

Ambient & dubby techno today hovering around 120 BPM. This mix features recent (2022) tracks by Altone and Yagya as well as a few old Deepchord / Echospace related productions and two old pieces by Alteria Percepsyne.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Waveform / The Day Before 00:00
02. Altone / Crack 05:54
03. Echospace / Spatialdimension (cv313 Reduction) 10:50
04. Ovatow / Permutation Two 17:54
05. Alteria Percepsyne / All You See Is A Ghost 21:38
06. Yagya / Daggarmark 27:16
07. Brother Blue / Rain Selector 32:56
08. Aepiel / Kvant 38:08
09. Alteria Pecepsyne / Intangible Flutter 41:21
10. Deepchord / Spiral 2 48:11
11. Legowelt / U Can Fly Away From The Hood 53:58
12. Model 500 / Starlight (Convextion Mix) 60:10

Both Track #2 Crack by Altone and #6 Daggarmark by Yagya were released last year, 2022. The first of those is from the Mesh EP on Greyscale, just picked that up on Monday, seems really good to me, more bouncy and danceable than a lot of the dub techno I have. The latter is from the excellent Strandgata comp on Móatún 7 which I've played tracks from and talked up here before.

The two Alteria Percepsyne tracks are the reason I'm playing faded hazy techno this week, the inspiration for this mix. Track #5 All You See Is A Ghost is from the 2011 album Cloaks Of Perception, a two-CD set that I picked up after reading a review ages ago & have loved ever since. #9 Intangible Flutter is from the album of the same name on Silent Season and is currently name-your-price at that bandcamp link. Both releases are mesmerizing beginning to end. Cloaks in particular is one of my favorite ambient / dub techno albums & I can't recommend it enough.

Many of these songs are significantly longer (two, three, four minutes) than what you're hearing in this mix and all are worth checking out at the links above.

That's everything I have to say right now I think. Mix is loose but OK; tracks are good. I'll be back next week with another mix, something slower. Likely more dub techno.


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