MTT 199 / The Right Size

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MTT199 Spectrogram

Ambient, electro, and IDM floating around 120. A bunch of old favorites and a couple long tracks by Carl Finlow and DJ R21.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. AQV / Qav 00:00
  2. Lowfish / Fatblex 03:51
  3. State Logik / Electro Boogie 07:40
  4. Dr. Futurist / Bound To The Atom 11:15
  5. Delayscape / Velux 14:10
  6. スムー / Levitate 18:41
  7. Access To Arasaka / Segin 22:56
  8. DJ R21 / Beauty 27:00
  9. Carl Finlow / Odyssey 31:48
  10. Photodementia / Sporobulus 37:48
  11. Jo Johnson / Coarse Materials 40:44
  12. XY0815 / End Of Your Orbit 43:40
  13. Adam Jay / Discrete Event 47:08
  14. Morphology / Zilog Z80 51:22
  15. The Parallax Corporation / Invasion 55:21
  16. Myoptik / Eclipse 60:44

The two long tracks here are DJ R21's Beauty from his album Wired for Swishcotheque and Odyssey by Carl Finlow from his Electrilogy series for Device (played here from the Electrilogy+ CD). The R21 track is cool, a nice ambient-electro piece, though it's little hard to get now (the zip file isn't available at the link above). Odyssey, and Electrilogy+ in general, is an old favorite of mine, and very much worth checking out if you've never heard it.

Lowfish's Fatblex is from Eliminator on Suction Records, Lowfish and Solvent's label. I'm a little surprised this is the first time I've played Fatblex here, it's another old favorite of mine, a song that always played well at the arcade. The following track is of course Electro Boogie by State Logik from State Logik & Jacob's 12" for Narcotix Inc., which I wrote up for this blog a few months ago.

The closing track Eclipse is from Matt Whitehead & Myoptik's album for Frequency Domain, a great ambient tape from 2017 that I slept on for way too long. I particularly like Pris's Dream, track 5 from that album. Sorry for talking over Eclipse; the beat lined up with Invasion (more or less) and it was a good tune to fade out on.

Not the most winter-y selection, but serviceable. It was good to play Fatblex and Invasion again. I'll be back next week, the evening of the 24th, with this year's tracker music mix. Gonna go work on it right now, in fact...


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