MTT 198 / Small Pieces

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MTT198 Spectrogram

Electro and IDM this week, high 120s, the 16,20 sound. This one's a little short because I was mixing fast and not paying attention to the clock.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Rokton Ensemble / Runout 05.06 00:00
  2. Metamatics / Herbie Strides Again (Metamatics Oh La La) 02:04
  3. 96 Back / 085 06:02
  4. Mrs Jynx / Supermarket Sandwiches 09:53
  5. Sickboy / JP8000 13:29
  6. Stratowerx / Tilted 16:24
  7. Psonikadia / Rigpa 21:04
  8. XY0815 / 94V-O 23:34
  9. Pathic / False Profits 26:04
  10. VC-118A / Eha 31:06
  11. Dark Matrix / Untitled [LSF007 C2] 34:30
  12. Lonny & Melvin / Theme From Sunwheel Beachbar 39:02
  13. Eggfooyoung / Electric Motivators 42:03
  14. Passarani / Phonok 44:27
  15. Poperttelli / BBB 47:37
  16. Brothomstates / Kava 51:52
  17. Lowfish / The Chandelier In The Studio 54:57

Herbie Strides Again (Metamatics Oh La La) is from Vogue Casio 96, a new album (of old unreleased material) by Metamatics. It's the proper Metamatics funk, like an outtake from Midnight Sun Pig, smooth and swung-out. There are some interesting skinny, quick, breakbeat-y tracks on the album (Huh!, Second Chance Is Rare, Flow Motion). It's good stuff, I like it a lot.

Two tracks from CPU records feature here, track #3 085 by 96 Back and track #4 Supermarket Sandwiches by Mrs Jynx. (Coincidentally right next to each other). Both are relaxed, fun, bright songs, both from really good EPs. Mrs Jynx in particular is great and deserves more recognition. (I still need to pick up her albums on Planet Mu and Recycled Plastics).

Dark Matrix's Untitled track (C2 on the vinyl, track 8 on the CD, titled 06_15.07 at that link) is from their 2002 album Techelectro on Losonofono Records. It's long been a favorite of mine and I'm happy to say that Losonofono now have it available on their bandcamp page as a download. (They even have some copies of the vinyl up for sale). I think this is an unfairly overlooked album; maybe now that it's easier to get more people will hear it.

That's it for show 198. I'll be back next week with another upload on Thursday, probably more electro and IDM. And this year's tracker music mix will come the week after that, on the 24th, so don't miss that one if you're a fan of old mods, ITs, s3ms, XMs. It feels right that show #200 will be tracker music.


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