MTT 197 / After A Fashion

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MTT197 Spectrogram

Breaks and electro up around 133. Comfort food. Features a few old favorites by Gosub and Luke Eargoggle and a few recent purchases by Absolute Fiction, ERP, and Giraffi Dog. Good tunes, mushy mixing.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. User48736353001 / 4 Red Calx 00:00
  2. Rings Around Saturn / Online Spectre 01:55
  3. Microthol / Binary Systems 05:46
  4. System Insurgent / System Escape 08:39
  5. Scape One / Flashback 12:12
  6. Nullptr / Zonules 16:35
  7. XY0815 / Geist Körper Synergie 19:43
  8. ERP / El Camino 23:19
  9. DMX Krew / I'm All Alone (Cylob's Mix) 27:10
  10. Luke Eargoggle / All Fritid Är Stil 30:32
  11. Aux 88 / Bass Magnetic 34:34
  12. Gosub / Lost In Our Ways 37:56
  13. Eon / Absorbed 43:14
  14. Bushwaka! / Tool B 45:59
  15. Giraffi Dog / The Temple Of Magatao 49:04
  16. Absolute Fiction / Back To The Field 52:48
  17. Plant43 / Twilight Sequence 56:38

The first release I want to highlight this week is the four-track EP001 on Bleep43 Recordings. ERP's El Camino is the cut from the EP played here, and it's terrific, smooth and spacey as I expect from ERP. The other three tracks on the EP are equally good - spaced out electronics from Plant43, Orphan, and Jo Johnson. I don't know how I missed picking up this EP years ago but I'm glad I found it now.

The growling break-y Back To The Field by Absolute Fiction from their EP of the same name calls for a few words. The vocals in the track are sampled from the famous Underground Resistance song Transition, with the vocal performers themselves credited as The Mercenary. There's an accapella of Transition on UR7-3000; I assume that's the source of the clean sample. The other two tracks on the Back To The Field EP - Revolve and Genius Der Energie - are big chunky electro tunes, and seem pretty good to me.

There's more going on, of course, lots of old favorites in this mix - Scape One's Flashback from his old Shockwave Rider EP on Soma, All Fritid Är Stil (All Leisure Is Style) by Luke Eargoggle, Gosub's excellent (and now somewhat well-known) Lost In Our Ways, and so on. But that's enough from me, I need to get some sleep. I'll be back with another upload at roughly the same time next week, the 10th.


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