MTT 191 / It's By Will Alone

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MTT191 Spectrogram

Electro and a little industrial rising from 110 to 120. A chance to get crunchy and noisy. This mix features one track with some profanity (thanks to Skinny Puppy) so consider your surroundings when listening.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Squadra Blanco / Theme From The Forgotten Cable Car 00:00
  2. Sbles3plex / Tot És Ireal 02:54
  3. Black Rain / Memory Rain 04:21
  4. In Sotto Voce / In Sotto Voce 06:49
  5. Ministry / Just Like You 10:01
  6. RS3 / Omnityrant 14:23
  7. Franck Kartell / Damaged Spacecraft 17:17
  8. Novamen / Lies 20:19
  9. Cyberaktif / Nothing Stays 24:37
  10. Gamma Intel / Fata M 28:40
  11. Bitstream / Come And Play With Us 32:20
  12. The Exaltics / Fallen Planet 35:25
  13. Umwelt / The Bleeding Of Machines 38:30
  14. Skinny Puppy / Politikil (THB Remix) 42:31
  15. Kill Memory Crash / Come Alive 46:40
  16. Cutting Room / Hum 49:28
  17. Scarletron / Crash Mat 52:48
  18. Exhausted Modern / Strage del Cermis 57:04

Brokntoys features three times this hour with track 10 Fata M by Gamma Intel, track 16 Hum by Cutting Room, and track 18 Strage del Cermis by Exhausted Modern. Cutting Room's The Night Chemist EP is particularly good.

Umwelt's label New Flesh also appears multiple times with track 7 Damaged Spacecraft by Franck Kartell and track 13 The Bleeding Of Machines by Umwelt himself.

Track 3 Memory Rain by Black Rain is from the original unused soundtrack to the 1995 movie Johnny Mnemonic, first released on Fifth Colvmn Records. Blackest Ever Black re-released most of the soundtrack in 2012 on vinyl and digital under the title Now I'm Just A Number: Soundtracks 1994-1995. The re-release is very much worth checking out, although it's missing the track played in this mix.

Scarletron's Crash Mat comes from their 2006 Coron Data EP on Touchin' Bass. Coron Data (plus Memory Maps) is a side-long creepy ambient piece while the two tracks on the reverse are blistering distorted mean electro tunes. This is the closest I've ever gotten to the "right time" to play Crash Mat, and so here it is, ready to wreck shop.

I'm pretty happy with this, it's an odd combination of music but seems to work OK. I wish I could find my copy of Armed Audio Warfare, it feels to me like this hour is missing some Meat Beat Manifesto. Anyway, check back next week and I'll have another upload Thursday evening PDT.


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