MTT 190 / They Don't Need A Reason

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MTT190 Spectrogram

Electro, sometimes smooth, sometimes noisy, leaning into IDM territory near the end. A similar selection to last week's program (I guess I wasn't done with that particular mood yet).

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Dr. Lovelock / Protobiont 00:00
  2. Andrea Parker / Angular Art 02:53
  3. Shadowbunny / Hidden Temple 05:58
  4. Silicon Scally / Default 09:42
  5. Versalife / Raptures Of The Deep 12:06
  6. Zyntax / New World Order III 16:06
  7. Uniflux / Broken Wave Encoder 19:34
  8. Vertical67 / Black Water 22:30
  9. Sigma Algebra / Funaphy 27:18
  10. M_Step / Xylograph 33:02
  11. Trichome / Seraphimzt 37:34
  12. Annechoic / Ba 41:50
  13. Umwelt / Mogul Project 44:54
  14. Datacrashrobot / MMIC 48:46
  15. Ben Milstein / Felonius Crunk 51:30
  16. Haujobb / Solid State Logic 54:42
  17. Noise Unit / Dismembered Quietly 59:08

More Brokntoys (track 8 Black Water by Vertical67 and track 12 Ba by Annechoic), two from Black Montanas (track 1 Protobiont by Dr. Lovelock AKA Hadamard and track 7 Broken Wave Encoder by Uniflux), and two from TRUST (track 5 Raptures Of The Deep by Versalife and track 10 Xylograph by M_Step).

Vertical67's Black Water is from a recent series of self-titled 7"es on Brokntoys, all sort-of experimental, all very cool. I'll be playing more from that series in upcoming sets, so keep an eye (ear?) out.

A couple things about Ben Milstein's Felonius Crunk: one, it's playing at -6% here to fit with the tempo of this mix, and two I wouldn't be surprised if I've misidentified where the downbeat is. It's a difficult track to figure out. I'm a fan of Milstein but I rarely play his music in sets. His work is pretty abstract, dark, noisy. It's worth saying too that he's terrific live, don't miss a chance to see him perform.

Felonius Crunk leads into Solid State Logic by Haujobb from their 1995 album Freeze Frame Reality. Kind of a stretch as a mix, but it's my habit to go out on a big track, and I really wanted to hear it.

And that's that. I'll be back next week with another upload on Thursday evening PDT. I think I'll play a little industrial next, it feels like a good time. (My industrial collection is pretty limited, so don't expect anything too fancy).


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