MTT 189 / We Bypass Time

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MTT189 Spectrogram

Electro all at ~128 BPM, the October mood. Features a few classics (Isolation, Think Like Us) as well as new tracks (Trichome's Thoth Lowrider). And: I finally cleaned the potentiometers in my DJ mixer.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Jauzas The Shining & G13ck / Proton 00:00
  2. XY0815 / Cleo's Theme 03:30
  3. Solvent / Think Like Us (Think Like Ectomorph Version) 06:01
  4. Shadowbunny / Δ 10:16
  5. Das Muster / Superzeichen 14:19
  6. Rude 66 / Isolation 16:27
  7. Confutatis / Mulct 21:48
  8. Franck Kartell / The NDE Song 24:50
  9. Annechoic / Sheut 27:36
  10. Audioelectronic / Final Annihilation 29:52
  11. Mono Junk / System Night (RMX) 34:08
  12. Ra-X / Anaconda 36:22
  13. Soulweaver / Parra Attack 40:38
  14. Trichome / The Thoth Lowrider 43:38
  15. Andrea Parker / The Swamp 47:34
  16. Señor Frio / Polar 50:35
  17. Versalife / Pathogen 54:52
  18. Jake Mandell / Untitled 27 (Phoenecia Remix) 58:54

Two tracks from Brokntoys this week (track 2 Cleo's Theme by XY0815 and track 9 Sheut by Annechoic), two from Schematic (Thoth Lowrider by Trichome and Untitled 27 (RMX) by Jake Mandell), two from Touchin' Bass (the excellent Parra Attack by Soulweaver and The Swamp by Andrea Parker), and two from Transient Force (Superzeichen by Das Muster and Anaconda by Ra-X). This is a pretty varied selection, I think.

Trichome's 2020 album Cognitive Dissonance deserves a paragraph. It's the most Experimental Liquor Museum thing I've heard in years and it's fantastic. Schematic has been on fire lately and this is my favorite of their recent output. Thoth Lowrider is the selection here, and the whole release is great and worth checking out at the link above.

I had another ending worked out with Loopt by The Wee DJs playing right after Polar by Señor Frio but I very much wanted to hear Versalife's Pathogen. I'll get to Loopt some other day.

There's some missed cues and uneven levels here, as usual, but the perfect is the enemy of the good, as they say. I'll have another mix up and ready to download next week (Thursday evening PDT again).


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