MTT 188 / You've Got Nothing

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MTT188 Spectrogram

Spooky electro for the beginning of October 2020. Fast, ~135, featuring old favorites by Ectomorph, I-F, Psylocity, and Transparent Sound plus some new(ish) tracks by Illektrolab, JGarrett, and Umwelt.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Electronic Corporation / Night Falls Over Europe 00:00
  2. Collapsicon / Six 03:06
  3. Sync 24 / Sense 3 06:35
  4. Transparent Sound / Ain't No Time 09:27
  5. I-F / Secret Desire 11:21
  6. Dietrich Schoenemann / Untitled [E.C.01 A1] 15:46
  7. Silicon / Sonic Wave 18:40
  8. Psylocity / Echoes In My Head 22:21
  9. Eon / Dark Nature 25:01
  10. Ectomorph / The Haunting 28:22
  11. Microthol / mod_electro_mix4 32:40
  12. Vertical67 / Morphed Reality 34:36
  13. Illektrolab / Paranoid Android 38:23
  14. ADJ / Machines And Souls 41:26
  15. JGarrett / Objectified 44:09
  16. The Pulse Projects / Ice Cold Funk Series_024 47:08
  17. Umwelt / Perception Of Heaven 50:01
  18. The Exaltics / In The End You've Got Nothing 54:50
  19. Caron / Ghost 57:58

Tracks 11, 12, 13, and 19 are all from the consistently excellent label Brokntoys. (That's mod_electro_mix4 by Microthol, Morphed Reality by Vertical67, Paranoid Android by Illektrolab, and Ghost by Caron respectively). I'm a big fan of both the music selection and the art direction over at Brokntoys, and I recommend anybody reading this go check out their catalog (or at least the albums linked above).

I picked up a bunch of releases from Umwelt's label New Flesh a couple days ago in preparation for October. Perception Of Heaven from Umwelt's 2015 When Future And Past Collapse EP is the one track from that haul that made it into this mix, and it's big. The whole EP is big - dark, loud, sometimes punishing stuff. I'll be playing more off New Flesh in the coming weeks, as I work my way to slower tempos.

The last release I'd like to call out is JGarrett's Transgressor EP on Omen Recordings, source of the track Objectified. I'm familiar with JGarrett as Xyn (still got a copy of the Soil 12") and as the head of the Xynthetic Netlabel. Transgressor is a hard EP, dark and/or industrial techno, four-to-the-floor with the exception of Objectified. Seems good to me, although I don't follow those styles closely.

This is a pretty loose mix, I didn't spend as much time planning and practicing it as usual. Had a lot going on this last week. I hope it's still listenable, that the rough spots don't distract from the music too much.

I'll be back next week with another upload to mixcloud on Thursday (hopefully by 11 PM PDT) with show notes to follow a few days later. And now I'm gonna go clean my DJ mixer...


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