MTT 163 / Into Traffic

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MTT163 Spectrogram

Some rowdy breaks, electro, and IDM at 135.

This mix is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Schizophrenia / Schizophrenia 00:00
  2. Ambit 3 / Dropped 02:11
  3. RAC / Quexos 05:08
  4. Anoesis / Swift 09:22
  5. Electronic Corporation / We Got Velocity 11:44
  6. Kerr Knoll / Roots 15:14
  7. EMS / Getgetto 19:03
  8. Silicon Scally / All Torque 22:36
  9. Freezie Freekie / Freezie's Gonna Funk Ya 27:42
  10. The Octagon Man / 10ft Bass 31:15
  11. Eon / Phaze Test (String Phase) 34:38
  12. Treen / Cox 39:30
  13. Robert Cosmic / My Universe 43:18
  14. Sbassship / Four Dimensional Existence 47:45
  15. Mobile Space Unit / Penalty Dream Pt. 1 51:43
  16. M3taN01a / 3 Points 56:21
  17. Cabaret Voltaire / Exterminating Angel (Outro) 58:15

Three tracks from the mid-2000s electro label Satamile feature in this mix: #7 Getgetto by E.M.S., #8 All Torque by Silicon Scally, and #9 Freezie's Gonna Funk Ya by Freezie Freekie. I picked up all three of those on vinyl in the mid 2000s in local shops. I'm a fan of Satamile; I miss their style of break-y electro, there doesn't seem to be much of that being released right now.

Two old Electron Industries tracks feature, right after the Satamile block. #10 10ft Bass by label head The Octagon Man (AKA J. Saul Kane) and #11 Phaze Test (String Phase) by Eon. Phaze Test in particular is excellent, both sides are raucous electro workouts. The 30 Beat Cycle mix on the b-side is exactly as the title suggests, 28 beats in straight 4/4 then an extra two beats to mess with you. Fun and challenging to play in a set.

Mobile Space Unit is Pino Grzybowsky (AKA Dr. Scissors) and Andreas Kauffelt. Kauffelt was a member of Kabuto who wrote No Brain, a track wich appears on the first Ghost In The Shell Tribute album, and was played on this show five weeks ago. (A neat connection). Their track in this mix is the classic Penalty Dream Pt. 1, originally from the 1999 Cheat Codes EP on Elektrolux, included here from the Elektro Codes.Three compilation.

This was a good one. A bunch of old vinyl and a few new(ish)-to-me pieces from Kerr Knoll, M3taN01a, and Robert Cosmic. Fun times. I've run out of ideas for new shows, so I've got no idea what to do next week, but I'll do my best to make it good.


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