MTT 150 / Superposition

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MTT150 Spectrogram

The usual selection of breaks, electro, and IDM. A couple of tracks from Brokntoys, a couple from Detroit Underground, a couple from SCSI-AV. (Show 150? How did I make it to show 150?)

This mix (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. MANASYt / Untitled [Bunker 3071 B4] 00:00
  2. DJ HasH / Space Relax 01:22
  3. Fleck E.S.C. / Next Life 03:27
  4. Andrew Red Hand / Fugitive For One Night 06:08
  5. Oushe / Hyper Logic 07:39
  6. ADJ / Re-Alignment 12:12
  7. The Black Dog / You're Only SQL 15:55
  8. Mariel Ito / Syndrome 19:50
  9. Nullptr / Exotropia 23:17
  10. Automat / Robomelo 26:17
  11. Vertical67 / Out Of Sight 29:47
  12. Excel / Don't Stop Now 34:22
  13. Vaperror / Aqua Domain 37:54
  14. Kuedo / Whisper Fate 39:54
  15. Oskar Telemann / Anruf Aus Dem Westen 42:24
  16. Darren Rhys / Lost Soul (Katakana Remix) 45:31
  17. Darren Rhys / Lost Soul 49:16
  18. Silicon Scally / Interflection 50:31
  19. Jega / Cascade Decoherence 56:56

This mix was put together as a way to play Hyper Logic by Oushe. It's kind of a goofy track, a throwback. It sounds slightly glassy to me the way some new electro does. It reminds me of the Static EP by Contactless, which would make sense, since both are on the label Unknown To The Unknown. I dig it.

Another high point in this hour is Automat's Robomelo, from their Introspection EP on SCSI-AV. That's a terrific release. Hardware and Robomelo are the standouts, but the other two tracks are also good. The link above goes to where the EP is still available digitally; I think that's how I picked it up years ago.

All that plus mid-2000s breaks by Darren Rhys, glitchy stuff by Jega, and a couple of halftime trap-ish tracks by Vaperror and Kuedo. I'll be back next week with... I'm not sure. Something slower, again.


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